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Jym Resciniti

Arrived O'Hare Int. around 4pm
Found my ride about 6pm
Found my way out of the airport about 7pm
When I got to the hotel, the WoTC/DCI crew was finishing up player registration. Everything was running smoothly. There was no noticeable confusion which is to be commended since there was a lot going on. I went to the judges meeting. This was the first one I've ever attended. I've never before made it early enough. It turned out to be quite informative. Some of the anticipated rules questions were discussed as well as the newer of the Oracle wordings. I got to meet some of the judges I'd heard of but had never seen. There was a broad spectrum of levels, nationalities, languages, personalities, and beer preferences. Everyone would get along well throughout the weekend with little mention of Pokemon.

Arose at the crack of dawn. Spent 20 minutes trying to figure out which hotel restaurant was actually open. (This became a favorite weekend pastime) Went to the PT arena and was assigned to Senior Judge Randy Rierson, Lvl 3 from Bama.

The day went quite smooth. Couple of Academy Rector questions, a little trouble with a player's sideboard sleeves being much newer then his main deck. This was caught previous to sideboarding and was handled with a caution. At the end of time (60 minute + 5 turn) there were routinely three or four matches left out, not counting time extensions. Around 1:00, I went to take the judge cert. exam, but we'll not talk about that.

I started out on the PT floor. Then I found out about some seminars that were being held, so I decided to attend. After my showing in the interview, it couldn't hurt. I went to the DCI Reporter seminar. If you ever have a chance to take this, DO SO. It is as good for beginners to DCI Reporter as it is for seasoned scorekeepers. Basics were discussed as well as shortcuts and "how to fix your boo-boos".

Back on the floor, later in the day, there was an interesting situation: A player called for a judge. As judges looked his direction, he said, "I need a judge who really knows the rules". We all looked at each other for a moment, I said, "I'll give you an answer and if you don't agree, you may appeal to Nat." The player, having by now attracted the attention of all the judges (3) on the floor, asked, "If I cast Hurkyl's Recall, can I respond by using my...umm...Do all the artifacts go into our hands at the same time?". I said, "Well, you play it and may respond, if you and you opponent pass....". "No", he says, "that's not what I'm asking. Can I return some, use one, then return it?". "No, you may not", I said. Soon after that, the player played a "Hurkyl's Recall" (foreign) and both players began to pick up artifacts. I said, "wait, only one of you returns artifacts. The spell targets a player." They both disagreed and said it returns all artifacts. I thought they might be confusing it with another spell, no one was 100% sure, so I checked the Oracle. This cleared up the confusion. I gave a time extension and all were merry.

I got up late. Ambled down to the PT floor to find that side events were doing fine without me. I talked with artists and vendors and got ready for my flight back to Knoxville. Got to O'Hare quickly, got to Knoxville slowly. But the airline bought me $15 worth of Johnny Walker Black for the wait. It was the only decent service I got all weekend.

-WoTC for a smooth event.
-Nat Fairbanks, Chris Galvin, Scott Larabee, and THE Jeff Donais for their faith in me.
-Guptil and Zantides for a great seminar, I learned a lot.

-The hotel restaurants for never being open when I had time to eat.
-Chicago restaurants for rude, slow, and overbearing servers.

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