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GP Trial (GP-Seattle)

Alfred Donovan

GP Seattle Trial - Dec 18, 1999

Head Judge - Alfred Donovan - 4813

I asked Mike Guptil if I could Head Judge this event for him, as I need more experience with the higher level events. He did not have a problem with me running it; it was the third event, of this type, that I have run for him.

We did not have too many players for the PTQ that day, so we did not expect to have large numbers for this event. There ended up being 20 players, which is pretty good for an event that would be on the other side of the country, with no travel allowance being given.

The format was Swiss, without cutting to a top 8. Due to the number of people in the event, it ran for 5 rounds. The amazing Kristin did the computer work for me - Thanks Kristin.

The format for the event was extended, and it ran pretty well. There were two minor problems. One was my fault, the other was a players. I made a bad ruling on a card, which possibly cost a player a game. Conditional triggers can be a pain. I got the correct ruling after the game was over, and let both players know how the card should be played, but as the results were in, they could not be changed.

The other problem was a player who let his opponent score the match. It was misreported and the player forgot to check the scoring sheet and sign it before dropping it into the box to be entered into the computer. PES events have a policy that misreported scores will not be corrected, unless the person who is entering the results into the computer made a mistake; so the results had to stand. Fortunately, the two people decided to split the prize.

Ken Moser won the event, with Alex Borteh coming in second.

Alfred Donovan, Level 2

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