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Type I-Gdynia, Poland

Marcin Sciesinski

12th December 1999
14 players

We organize Type I Tournaments each month for more then a year now. Sometimes they are sanctioned and sometimes not, due to some circumstances beyond my control. This time I sanctioned the tournament myself, and took care of everything.

We played 5 rounds of Swiss. I played in the tournament as well, and therefore we used Three-Judge System. I was the head judge.

At the beginning I was thinking about the REL 2 or 3 for this tournament, but beacuse a lot of new and young players showed up I had to decrease the REL downto 1. Most of them play Magic: the Gathering(R) for a month or two, and giving them a match loss for something they didn't knew about wasn't a good idea.

The tournament started at 4.30pm, as it was scheduled for. I was playing Black-Green Land Destruction with Nether Voids.

There was less questions and problems then I expected. I gave only one caution at the tournament: One of the spectators told me that something is wrong in one of the ongoing games. The player had in play Tropical Island, Taiga, Savannah Lions, and Mother of Runes. I asked him how did he played both of the creatures without a white mana. Neither him nor his opponent noticed it. He put both creatures into his graveyard, but I told him that he can't do that, because too much time has passed, and it is better to leave them where they are, and I issued him a Caution, because it was a Procedural Error - Misrepresentation, and it was unintentional. He apologized.

My friend - Adam "Puzon" Strzelecki was first with his Necro-Machine, I was second, and my other friend - Michal "Zajac" Krolak was third with a blue Total Control deck.

Michal was playing 4 Ports, and after tournament he told me that he have won 4 games using only Ports and tapping opponents' Cities of Brass. Once again this proved that ports are broken and should be banned in Standard and Restricted in Classic.

I played against the first place deck after the tournament. All of his Swamps and some other cards were from Alpha edition, and I saw something that made me think a little. He used Black-Shield Protectors, but I could distinguish either that card on top of his deck was from Alpha or other edition by taking a closer look at the protector. After a little time of playing (and I really mean a little), you can see a silhouette of a card on the sleeve, and you'll know if a card is alpha or not. If it will happen during the tournament in the future I'll tell him to either change the sleeves to a new ones, or use non-alpha cards. I don't know if this will be ok with the rules, and I don't think allowing playing with alpha cards in tournaments was a good idea.

I'd like to hear any opinions about the last paragraph, and if this has happened to other judges as well.

Marcin Sciesinski - msciesinski@alfa.c-map.pl

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