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QT-Madison, WI (PT-LA)

Darrell Wyatt

Report for PTQ LA

Dec 12, 1999

TO: Steve Port
Head Judge: Darrell Wyatt Lvl III

Attendance: 77 plus a couple of people hanging around for sides.
7 rounds of Swiss

Steve and I show up at Neil's Diamond about the same time (8:15). Neil's is a great place with a large room upstairs and a Bar & Grill and bowling alley downstairs. The room isn't set up so we have to arrange the tables as we like. This is unusual as the room is usually set up before we get there. We get registration started and quickly realize that we are going to get a larger crowd than usual. About 9:30 we get everyone seated and start handing out decks. A couple more people show up and we let them in, seating them at the last tables. There was some discussion about whether to use the 5-land swap or a 3 land add. We chose to go with the 5 land swap and most of the people were happy with it.

Overall the tournament ran smoothly and relatively few warnings were given out beyond the normal 'I don't know how to write down the cards on a list' problem. We did have some people who made this their first sanctioned tournament.

Notable decks included a deck that looked constructed with rebels (one rare, two uncommon, and 6 common rebels), a Squee/Arms Dealer combo deck, and a black monstrosity that most of it's creatures couldn't be blocked for some reason or another.

The top eight draft made for some interesting decks as well, most of which were solid decks. Most notable were the four-sizzle deck and another rebel deck. In the end, it was Jim Husted who won the tournament with Dan Bock coming in second.

From a judging point of view, there were few problems and no questions that required a huge amount of thought. Steve and I were training a fellow judge on how to better use DCI reporter, so that took some of my time. Overall a good tournament. Although, I should mention that someone there made very sick. Next time have the decency to stay home if you're sick. I really didn't need the flu.

Darrell Wyatt
DCI Level III Certified Judge

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