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Type 1.5-Chico, CA

Benny Louie, Jr.


Here's a judge's report from a Type 1.5 format tournament on Dec 4th 1999. It was held at my comic book store located in Chico, CA. There were a 11 players in the tournament when it started. Twelve had signed up, but there was a no show. Since this person was not actually enrolled in the tournament and only pre-signed up, there was no penalty for that player.

It was a relatively easy tournament to judge because most of the players know me by first name and most of the players play with cards that they have owned for a long time. That is why my store still runs 1.5 tournaments instead of Type 2 because the players may essentially play with any cards they want except for the banned ones. I ran a 3-round DCI Swiss tournament with a cut to top 4 single elimination. Fifty minute rounds with the 5 extra turn rule were used. None of the matches came close to time due the nastiness of the decks in this format.

There were very few rulings at all in this tournament. This is mainly due to the fact that most players know the format quite well. I don't believe this is a good format for beginners since the older players typically defeat their opponents easily. Here are a few of the questions that did come up:

1. What cards are banned in this format? For the players convenience and my reference, we have the Type 1.5 banned list typed up on a 1.25 inch x 8.25 inch sheet of paper so I showed them that.

2. What is a sideboard? I wasn't sure how detailed I should be in answering this question so I simply explained it as a set of 15 cards that can be used to change your deck after the first game with an opponent. You may sideboard in as many or as few of the 15 sideboard cards after the first game. It can be used to improve your deck's chances against certain decks or colors. You must do a one-for-one switch for each card in your sideboard. Your deck and sideboard must return to their original form, that they were in when the tournament started, after each match. I don't know if I gave enough detail.

3. Some of the players also asked if there is a guideline for how much to give out in prizes. I told them that there was not for small tournaments like ours but there is for the big tournaments like the Pro Tours and like. I'm not sure where to verify this, but hopefully someone reading this report will know.

4. The only "real" question asked was about a Spike Feeder that was Lightning Bolted. Player A who had a Spike Feeder out with 2 counters on it. Player A removed both counters off the Spike Feeder to gain 4 life. In response, Player B casts a Lightning Bolt targeting the Spike Feeder. Player B wants to know if the life gain fizzles since the Feeder is dead. I explained to him that after an effect is paid for, the effect still goes off even if the source is gone and actually in this case, I believe the Spike Feeder which is 0/0 dies before the Bolt even hits it so the Lightning Bolt fizzles. I hope I was correct on that one. I know the end effect is the same for the players but I'm not 100% sure on the ruling explanation.

I believe most players enjoyed themselves, even the losers did because they got to see the combos and nastiness of the winning decks. I'm still not a big supporter of this format, but my partner and the players vote for this format of play over any other one for a regular basis. Sealed Deck or Booster Draft is enjoyed more by myself and the players, but a bit too expensive for most of the players. Sorry that this isn't as long as my last report, but not many rulings came up in this small tournament.

Thanx for reading my report,
Benny Louie, Jr.
DCI Level 2 Judge

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