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Massachusetts State Championship

Matt Villamaino

Dec 4, 1999
Your Move Games, Somerville MA
92 Players
Judging Staff - Me (Head Judge), Toby Elliot, Chad Ellis, Peter Vabulas & Helen Dunsmoir (Scorekeeper)

While the Massachusetts State Championships did not go quite as smoothly as I would have preferred, with the help of several people it went ended up going fairly well.

I was supposed to get to Your Move between 11:00 and 11:30am to finalize the setup and number tables etc. (we had arranged the tables and chairs on Wednesday). Unfortunately, due to various reasons (the traffic, bad weather and problems with the T) I didn't arrive until 12:15pm. I walk into the store to find a lot of people waiting to register. Helen and I do a quick count of the preregistered people and figure out we can accommodate another 40 or so players. We soon discover that many more people than this have shown up.

After getting all the preregistered people signed up and signing up enough players to fill our attendance cap we started a waiting list for people who couldn't register. At this time I discover that the tables still haven't been numbered (note that the staff at this time was just Helen and I). We called over one of the store regulars and offered to waive his registration fee if he would number the tables for us. He got a few friends to help him and in short order the tables were numbered. Meanwhile, I was trying to see if we could fit any more people. I also managed to talk Toby, Chad and Peter into judging for the day. We ran a lottery for the players who did not make it in before we reached our attendance cap and were able to fit another 12 players.

The Tournament Begins

We got round one started at 2:00pm, only an hour later than I had planned. Welcome to round one of seven. You may begin!

Once the swiss rounds started we didn't run into any major problems. There were still a few interesting questions/situations to keep us busy. For the first two rounds instead of doing deck checks (and delaying the tournament even more) I had one of the judges go through every decklist to check to see that they were all at least sixty cards, 15 card sideboards, and Type II legal cards.

Two people had registered decks with less than sixty cards. In both cases it was easy to determine what cards were omitted so I just gave them a next game loss and corrected the decklists.

Around five people had illegal sideboards. In most cases they had registered less than 15 cards, but one person had a illegal card in his sideboard. For the illegal sideboards I gave them a next game loss, and removed their sideboard for the rest of the day.

Later in the tournament while doing a deck check we noticed that a players deck did not match his decklist. I gave him a game loss and ten minutes to fix his deck so it matched the decklist.

Rules Questions

- If a creature with +1/+1 counters on it is Humbled, does it get the bonus from the counters.
No, because continuous effects are applied after counters. So while the counters will still be on the creature they won't do anything.

- Academy Rector and Planer Void. Do you get to use the Rector's ability?
It depends. The answer to this question depends on who controls what and whose turn it is. If the active player controls the Rector and the inactive player controls the Planer Void, you will not be able to use the Rector's ability because the active player's triggered abilities go on the stack first and then the inactive player's. Therefore the Rector is removed from the game before you can play its ability. However if the situation is reversed then you will be able to because the Rector's ability will go on the stack after the Planer Void's. If one player controls both the Void and the Rector, they get to order the abilities going on the stack any way they want, so if they put the Void on the stack first then the Rector, they will be able to use the Rector.

- Flesh Reaver. If both players are at 4 (or less) life, what happens if a player attacks with a Flesh Reaver?
The Flesh Reaver's ability triggers on the damage being dealt. Therefore, if it deals enough damage to a player to kill them the game will be over before the Reaver's ability can go on the stack.

- Compost and Yawgmoth's Will. Do you get to draw a card from the Will?
No, because the Yawgmoth's Will removes itself from the game on resolution (assuming it is not countered)

- A player wanted to know if you could respond to Diabolic Servitude's coming into play ability.
Any coming into play effects go on the stack and therefore can be responded to. After my answer he disenchanted the Diabolic Servitude in response to its CIP ability. "What happens to the creature?"

Disenchant resolves - Diabolic Servitude goes to graveyard, third ability triggers.
Diabolic Servitude's triggered ability resolves - can't find attached creature so it does nothing.
Diabolic Servitude's first triggered ability resolves - targeted creature comes into play.
Not the answer that the player who played Disenchant was looking for.

Interesting Situations

- Player A (playing Bargain) finished off Player B by attacking with his Skirge Familiar. After Player A started to shuffle his cards in his deck Player B remembered that the Familiar had been cast this turn so Player A could not attack with it. Player B wanted the game result to be changed to his favor. However since player B had replied affirmatively to Player A saying "I've got you." We decided that amounted to a concession and strongly warned Player A to be more careful.

- In another match Player C had cast Harmonic Convergence. However, player D though that it returned enchantments to their owners hands, not their library, so on his next turn recast the two Treacheries he was holding. Player C insisted that Player D should get a game loss for the misrepresentation. I simply gave him a warning for misrepresentation and told him to make sure he knew what his opponents card did. I also reminded Player C that he also had a responsibility to watch his opponent and make sure they are playing correctly.

Really Interesting Situation

Right after the first game of the finals one of the other judges called me aside. He had heard from several other players that one of the finalists, while he had claimed to be preregistered had in fact, not preregistered. His name was not on the prereg sheet, but we usually give players the benefit of the doubt. However the player could not remember when he had preregistered or with who he had registered. Sigh. Judges' conference. We talked to two of the store employees who were still there and neither had handled his registration. We next talked to the other players that he had told he did not preregister. One affirmed that he had said this and the other denied it. We then called the player in question in. He denied that he said he had not preregistered and said he did not know why people were saying that he said it.

Since we couldn't prove that he had not preregistered (although we strongly believed he had not), we decided that the finals would be played out and any prizes won by the player in question would be withheld until we could check with the other people who could have preregistered him (they were at the Pro Tour) and check the credit card records.

The End? Alas No.

We finish up and I am able to leave around 11:40pm. A lot sooner than my projected finish time of 3am! We get to where the car is parked and, we have a flat tire. Sigh. So much for getting to sleep early. After 20 minutes of prying at the hubcap Ian and I realize we've been trying to get the wrong part of the hubcap off. Erik cracks up at this. We seriously consider severe bodily harm. Or at the least leaving him there.

We manage to get the tire changed in short order after that and discover another problem. We have less gas than we thought and the station we were planning on stopping at was closed. After sign one of three that the car is going to quit on us we make it to another gas station (after finding five or six other closed ones). Twenty minutes later, home.

Special Thanks

Big thanks to Rich and his friends for helping us rearrange the room and number the tables. Thanks also to Toby, Chad, and Peter for volunteering on the spot to judge and to Joe for helping us deck check the Top 8. Thanks to Ian and Erik for waiting until the end of the Top 8 so I had a ride home. Special thanks to Nat for getting ahold of Rob at Chicago when we really needed to speak to him.

Until next time,

Matt Villamaino
DCI Level II Certified Judge

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