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Mercadian Masques Limited (PT-Chicago)

Nick Hable

Date: December 4, 1999
Tournament Organizer: Scott Larabee

This was a scheduled event at PT-Chicago. There were 21 participants and I decided that even though only four rounds of swiss parings were required I ran five. After the five rounds of swiss were completed, I took the top eight players and ran a top eight booster draft, also Mercadian Masques. I was the only judge working this tournament.

I encountered two problems during the tournament. The first problem was that the standard 50-minute round in Mercadian Masques was not long enough. I had multiply games each round that were not able to complete the round in the allotted amount of time. I would suggest that tournament organizers and judges extend rounds to a full hour. I think that this will help in having less unfinished games. The other problem is nothing new. As always players forget to tell me that they dropped-out of the tournament. This caused only a small amount of problems each round.

The only major warnings that were given out in this tournament happened in the fourth round. I was called over by one of the players when he noticed that his opponent and himself miscounted the amount of damage received during combat the turn before. As soon as I arrived the player that had called me over also told me that his opponent had looked at his next card. After talking to both of the players I decided that since both players agreed that they had miscounted damage, life totals would be set to the correct amount and both would receive cautions for card misrepresentation. In the matter about looking at the top card of his library, I thought it was accidental and only gave out a warning for looking at extra cards.

There were two rulings of interest. The first involved Afterlife and Sulking Fugitive. The question was would the controller of Sulking Fugitive still get a 1/1 flying token? I ruled that no because as soon as Sulking Fugitive is targeted it sets up a triggered ability that goes on the stack and resolves before Afterlife. Since Afterlife has no legal target, it is countered. The other ruling involved Muzzle, Cho-Manno's Blessing, and Disenchant. The situation was Player A had cast Muzzle on a creature, Player B responded by casting Cho-Manno's Blessing choosing white as the color. Player A wanted to know if he was able to disenchant the Blessing before it would destroy the muzzle. I ruled that yes there was time. To explain why to the players I gave the usually talk about how the stack works.

Total time for the event was seven hours. I thought that it was well run event and it went very well. I also got some practice at pairing rounds manually. All in all it was a good experience for me and I hope the players as well.

Just a few side notes that I would like to include. I would like to thank James Lee for the late night study session before my Level II exam, without it I would not have done as well as I did. I would also like to thank Steve Port for setting up the hotel room and for letting me tag along.

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