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Gotham City Mox-Box Event - Denver, CO

Chris Otwell

Event Date: November 27, 1999
Head Judge/Tournament Organizer: Christopher E. Otwell, Level 2
Format: Standard
Total # of Players Attending: 28 Players
# of Swiss Rounds: 7
# of players after Cutoff 4
# of Players from Colorado Springs: 18
# of Players from Pueblo: 3
# of Players from Denver: 7
Minutes per round: 50

Prizes: First Place: 1 Beta MOX Jet and 1 Box of 36 Miscellaneous 15 card Booster Packs
Second Place: 1 Box of Mercadian Masque Booster packs
3rd - 4th Place: 18 Miscellaneous 15 card Booster Packs and 1 Foil Basic Land (Island)
5th - 8th Place: 6 Miscellaneous 15 card Booster Packs and 1 Foil Basic Land (Swamp)
Random Door Prize: UL Time Vault (Mint Condition)

Most popular deck of the day: Mono-Green speed.

Event Registration started at 10:00 a.m. Due to late arrivals from Denver and Locally, the event started at 11:30 a.m.

In an attempt to prove to myself that I could actually pull some players from Denver, as well as to hold a 4th straight week's "Big Event" in Colorado. The first 3 were a 1 slot PTQ for Chicago, a State Championship for Colorado, a 3 SLOT PTQ for LA, and then this. Also noting that Dec 4th had a GPT and a major state-wide Type 1 event, with the following weekend being a PTQ for LA, and then the year end event that I do for the "Colorado Springs City Championships". So in short, having 7 "Big Event" weekends in a row in Colorado is "Pretty Good" in the end. 8^)

Back to the purpose of this report..... Deck registration and player registration was a bit slower that I anticipated, but mostly due to lack of actual help on my end.

Everything got underway. I gave the usual speech since I did have players that have not played in my events before. Gave out the door prize. And after I mentioned that since I use actual swiss for my events, this would be 7 rounds to a top 4 -- I had a small problem with the Denver players in that they did not understand why 7. After some explanation and question fielding about it, we proceeded. Of course, anyone that has been in my events in the Springs know full well that I am a big supported of the top 4 in non-Title events, and they were used to it anyway. Yet, some of the Denver players were not overly happy to "learn this", even though it was clearly advertised as such as well. Oh well... Such is life.

In the end, it was good to see a lot of new faces and competition among the players at the store. The Gauntlet Legends machine was active all day long as well. 8^) Free Money for me. 8^) BTW - I would suggest to any other store owners or Judges that can make a difference in your environment for the players -- Having a couple of alternative gaming distractions for the events is a Very Good Thing to have, and if you happen to get some of the better recent arcade machines like Gauntlet Legends and Mortal Kombat 4 like I have, you will be surprised how often they are used. Gauntlet maintain various statistics about itself, and on tournament days the machine averages 85%+ usage -- I.E.: a couple of hundred dollars in free money for the store every weekend. 8^) And the distraction is very good for the players as well.

So anyway -- Some interesting rules questions appeared based around the usage of General's Regalia, and creature enhancement/improvement cards.

Well, overall, all the players generally had a lot of fun with this, and the top 4 was pretty good. 3 Local regular players (All mono-green) and 1 Pueblo player (Mono-Blue Control w/6 Artifact mana sources), who is also a regular at my events already. In the end, Green finally took first place. Further fueling why I think that Geae's cradle is banning worthy in the current standard environment; however, the DCI didn't seem to think so... 8^\

The event ended at 7:00 p.m. People were pretty happy with everything in general.

The next 2 events to have Tournament Reports from me are: The 1999 December 11 Sealed Deck PTQ and the 5th annual Colorado Springs City Championship weekend (4 total events in 1 weekend, with the overall winner getting a Beta MOX Ruby and 2 Boxes of miscellaneous Boosters, plus a box of boosters for each event winner).

Christopher E. Otwell
DCI Level 2 Judge

Believe in Randomness. Randomness works for you!
Christopher E. Otwell

(719)-392-6782 (Home) (719)-567-9506 (Work)
otwell@cos.wantweb.net chris.otwell-contractor@jntf.osd.mil

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