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Colorado State Championships

Chris Otwell

November 13, 1999

Tournament Organizer: Eric Smith
Head Judge: Christopher E. Otwell, Level 2
Other Judges: James R. "Bob" Goodfriend, Level 1
Format: Standard
Player Turnout: 88 Players

I show up at the venue at just after 9:00 a.m. Talk to Eric to work out a few logistics. Find out for sure that no one else is going to be judging with me, from Denver. So I call Bob up and plead with him to get him to drive up from the Springs as well. He arrives at about 10:50 a.m. and helps out a lot through out the day.

Event starts promptly at 10:00 a.m. I keep the start of each round very close to the hour, using 50 minute rounds. Only a few matches between each round ran over the 50 minutes. After 7 rounds of competition and a lunch break, we finished the swiss at 6:15 p.m. Finals started 20 minutes after that, in a different area of Enchanted Grounds.

Most rules questions asked involved either if a card was legal (before the event), or how trample worked (during the event), or you could use a Gaea's cradle for mana with another cradle in play.

8 people were Deck Checked, including 1 of the top 8 players (** See Below), by myself and Bob. Only 1 intention of actions ruling was needed to be made, and 1 failure to agree with reality. Luckily, I was watching to most of the later match, and as a result was able to solve it myself from each of the player's written record of events and my memory of how the match was played. Therefore, no warning was issued to either player.

After the Top 8 was started, one of the by-standers noticed that a player had an illegal card in his sideboard -- The Scavenging Folk. Through out the course of the day, no one brought it to my attention while he was playing his opponents that he had a Scavenging Folk in his deck. As it turns out, it was one of the decks that Bob deck checked and he did not catch the illegal card. However, since I clearly made it known at the start of the event that anyone with an illegal card in the deck would be disqualified, I proceeded to DQ that person. Though, I still gave him the prizes that he earned for making Top 8. I hope in the future that such an embarrassment does not happen again to any of my Judging staff, and only better attention to details will prevent it from happening.

In the end, our new Colorado State Champion, a 14 year old, earned his title well while playing a solid Red Land Destruction deck. Event was over completely by 9:15 p.m. Many people thanked me for a well run event in the end. I also think this is one of my best big time event performances.

I only hope that the following week's 3 slot sealed deck PTQ would go as smoothly.

Christopher E. Otwell
DCI Level 2

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Believe in Randomness. Randomness works for you!
Christopher E. Otwell

(719)-392-6782 (Home) (719)-567-9506 (Work)
otwell@cos.wantweb.net chris.otwell-contractor@jntf.osd.mil

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