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QT-Denver, CO (PT-LA)


Chris Otwell

Head Judge: Karl Batdroff (Level 3)
Ass. Head Judge: Chris Otwell (me)
Special Judge: James D. Lee (DCI Level 3) ***
Other Judges: Bill Graham (Level 2) (Also was TO)
Scott Marshall (Level 0)
Chris ... (forgot last name - Level 1 from Utah)

*** James D. Lee was specially flown out from Chicago for this event, at the expense of WotC, in order to do judge testing and possible Judge recommendations, as well as to get a feel for the current problems with Judging in Colorado.

Having never worked with Karl Batdroff or Bill Graham in an event before this, I knew that a general learning curve to adjust to their style of event organization was needed by not only myself, but also for Scott and James. Therefore, I made sure that when ever possible, Karl, James, and Myself were in agreement with how to handle things, and that I needed to make sure that the 3 of us were on the same page, and reading from the same sheet of music.

If something came up during the event that any of 2 of us had a differing view point on, we always made a decision as a group, or Karl as Head Judge would let us know how he wanted to handle the situation.

About 10:10 we assembled the players for deck registration. Karl gave the usual spiel about making sure that the deck lists were correctly filled out. Between deck registration and deck assignment and construction, the judge staff proceeded to randomly fix about 15 to 20 incorrectly registered deck lists. After that the players were reconvened and assigned the decks. Different from what I am used to here, was that the decks stayed where the players registered them. We went around fixing the decks as where they were. I usually do a full deck collection from the players, and this was different but definitely manageable.

Deck construction ends about 11:45. 1st round begins about Noon. 7 Rounds of play, with 98 players participating. Not as good of a turn out, as I was expecting, but definitely acceptable. Lunch break at 2:00 p.m. Dinner break @ 7:00 p.m. End of swiss @ 9:00 p.m.

James, Karl and I approached each situation as best we could. A few times Karl needed to leave, and put me as Acting Head Judge for up to an hour at a time. At one point, while Karl was out, James and I each made a contrdicactory ruling with regards to the strictness of the "Tardiness Rules". I am generally non-tolerant with the tardiness rules, where as James was. I made the ruling based on my general concept of the events and as acting Head Judge, while not considering to confer with James first. Shortly afterwards we discussed the conceptual reasons for either situation and when Karl returned we both desired his opinion. James believed in a 3 minute leniency rule for tardiness. Karl was also among the opinion of non-tolerance. So, we made a decision that would affect the rest of the event.

At one point in the event, a game state ruling was needed. Since I believe that after the game progresses a couple of turns into it, that it is took late to repair. I had the game state stand. Of course, after the end of the match the player that lost by my ruling was noticeably upset and was needing some converting by his friends. James proceeded to drill me over the ruling, the situation and my reasoning behind it. He gave me the impression that I might of done something that he disagreed with, but did not state that -- Instead James only drilled me for my reasons and motivations and beliefs on why I ruled the way that I did. I never did find out if he thought I was right or wrong in the end.

I ran the top 8 booster draft pretty well, with the exception of when I started to say "pass" prematurely and then tried to catch myself in mid-syllable. This confused the players briefly, but was recovered from just fine.

In each match of the top 8, was monitored by a judge watching it, which was good considering that we had more than enough to do this, through out the event.

Of course, after the end of the event -- I was pretty tired and was not able to clearly and coherently speak to James during a final interview about me as a judge. After all, I am still pursuing a level 3 recommendation... I tried to do a quick follow up in email to James after the event, but could only remember one of the questions that he ask me at that time.

In the event, Bill Graham thought the event was pretty well run, and was happy with the over-all effort and professionalism that was portrayed at the event. However, I do not think that I would consider this one of my better overall events to manage, and that I could of done a lot better in the end. Hopefully, I didn't damage my pursuit of a Level 3 recommendation too much.

Christopher E. Otwell
DCI Level 2.
Believe in Randomness. Randomness works for you!
Christopher E. Otwell

(719)-392-6782 (Home) (719)-567-9506 (Work)
otwell@cos.wantweb.net chris.otwell-contractor@jntf.osd.mil

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