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Standard-Fair Lawn, NJ

Brian Gatens

On Sunday, November 21st, I head judged a local Type 2 tournament in Fair Lawn, NJ. Normally, about 10 people show up to play. This week, we ran the tournament with the first prize of an Arena uncut sheet. 19 Players participated. This is a good showing for a local tournament like this one, in my opinion.

I decided to run 4 rounds of swiss cutting to a top 4. Since there weren't that many people playing, and because we all wanted to get out of there at a reasonable time, I thought 4 rounds of swiss was both fair and effective. Any more would be unnecessary. I also thought a top 4 would be reasonable. Some players wanted a Top 8 instead of Top 4, but a top 8 would mean about 1/2 the players would get in, and that is a little out of line.

The tournament was the Type 2 format. It is the most popular format in our area, so this is the format I decided on. Also, it is a fun time to play Type 2 because you have the new environment. Besides States, we haven't really seen the new dominant decks. This event helped people both develop there new decks and get a feel for the environment. Overall, I think most people were happy with the format.

I was the only 'Judge' there, but there was a tournament organizer. Being the only judge in a small, 20 person tournament is not as bad as it sounds. Since the crowd that played were more or less experienced, I didn't get many rulings questions at all. The biggest problems I faced were getting people to report there results as soon as they were done. Since some people didn't, the rounds lasted a little longer than they should have. However, this is a small problem, and I shouldn't complain.

I think, in the future, I think I should always use big prizes like this. I was really happy about the showing. I think the length of rounds, amount of rounds, and the top 4 all worked well. Overall, I am happy with this tournaments outcome, and hope to see you at my next one!

Brian Gatens
DCI Lvl 1 Judge

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