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Standard-Delaware, OH

Alfred Donovan

Exotica Con - October 17, 1999 at Hamilton Williams Campus Center
Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware Ohio

15 Players

Sunday started off ok. I got my laptop and new printer ready the drivers for it installed correctly. DCR 1.4 was already on the machine, and it was working ok. First problem was waiting for my partner in the tourney; he was suppose to be at my house by 9:30. I waited until just shy of 10:00, because we needed to get over the site by 10:00 to start setup and registration. A friend and I walked over to the site and opened it up. There was even one player there waiting for us. I got registration started and went to look for my partner. Found him on the street outside the building, so we moved his stuff on in and got him set up.

By noon, the start time of the tourney we had gotten 15 players. I asked most where they had seen our flyers, to get a feel for what advertising worked. Some had seen it at various spots, so advertising way in advance had worked somewhat; thanks to Mike Guptil and PES for allowing us to advertise at his events...

We had one younger player who was not sure what was legal in his deck. I am glad we looked, because he had several cards that were not legal in type 2. Some were from Portal and others from 5th edition. The problems were fixed by some of the more experienced players.

My guess is that we had approximately 6 players that had never been to a tournament before.

The tourney pairings were posted by 12:15 and we planned to run 5 rounds of swiss, cutting to a final 4. Mike had told me to add an extra round to the swiss when you cut to 4 instead of 8, but in this case 4 would have worked better than the five we ran.

The rounds ran extremely smoothly until the end of the 5th round. At that point I made a lethal mistake; I started cutting to the final four without making sure that all of the scores were in; missed the slow pokes on table 7. This mangled DCR 1.4. There is no way to make that program manually repair a round, so we had to determine our final 4 by hand using the manual method. We had a fourth round standings, but it still took some time :(. Later that week, I talked with Mike Guptil who helped me straighten out the problem; I had not reset the number of rounds to 5.

Once the final 4 were announced, they played off and we determined a winner; Bob Hess of Marion OH.

The tourney ended just after 6:00 pm.

Alfred Donovan Level II

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