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QT-Kitchner, ON (PT-LA)

Chris Page

Name of Tournament: QT for L.A.
Date Held: November 14th 1999
Site of Event: Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA
# of Players: 43
Start Time: 10:00am
Judges: Chris Page (Head Judge); Duncan McGregor

Sharply at 10:00 am the announcements for the tournament began. Players were told that it would be 6 rounds of swiss format breaking to the top 8 players. Also that the 5 land swap was in effect. Futher it was explained that there would be no "official" lunch or dinner breaks. The rules enforcement level was 3. In the questions that followed only one stood out to bear mention. It was asked "How does Volcanic Wind work exactly?". After some examination of the Judge-L list, the following was defined.

Volcanic Wind:
Volcanic Wind deals X damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures, where X is the number of creatures in play.

When casting the spell, when are targets chosen, and when is X calculated?

Both are done on announcement.

A bit more explanation: Everything is done at the last possible chance for it to be done. This is usually on resolution, except for those things that must be done on announcement: Choosing targets; Paying costs; Deciding how to divide things between targets; Choosing modes. In this case, you must calculate X when Volcanic Wind is announced, as it is required in order to decide how to divide the damage between the targets.

Deck Registration

Start: 10:14 am

There were 8 warnings handed out stemming from 4 improperly recorded decks. That is approximately 10% which I find to be above the ordinary. There were 2 instances of Decks that had been shuffled after recording them. Making the recievers job more time consuming, the recorders were gave a verbal warning that this was infringing on unsportsman like conduct.

Deck Construction:

Start: 10:37 am

2 players did not finish with in the time, both had their decks built but not recorded. Both were not allowed to make any changes after the time expired. They were required to stay at the judges station to complete the task.

Round #1

Start: 11:18

2 Rulings had to be explained. If a Shock Troop was sacrificed to do its 2 damage and had the enchanment Muzzle on it. That it would still deal its damage because when the ability resolved the creature was no longer enchanted. Then it was confirmed to a player that even if he responded to a Volcanic Wind by returning a creature to his hand, that the value of X was locked in on announcement.

Round #2

Start: 12:26

This round only had one instance of clarification. That if a Forced march was cast with the X value being 0 that it would affect Token Creatures, because a tokens converted mana cost is equal to zero.

Round #3

Start: 1:32 pm

The tournament kept on pace finding only the yell for "JUDGE" only twice. One player wanted to step aside and have the timing of Sabre Ants explained to him. He was told that the ability triggers when the damage on the stack is resolved. Next came a question about how a Trap Runners blocking ability affected a creature with trample. Yes the creature becomes blocked, but that all damage from the trampling creature would carry through to the player.

Round #4

Start: 2:45pm

This round gave almost no interaction between players and the judges. Known as the infamous "make-it or break-it" round, players concentration was full on.

Round #5

Start: 3:50

A single match declared that they would be opting for the intentional draw as the round started. A single ruling needing to be explained. Player asked about Warmonger, he wanted to know if could play it then use its ability to do enough damage to kill his opponent who had 2 more life then he did. Trying to explain how the Warmonger worked with giving any strategy proved difficult. It was explained that every effect that the Warmonger created would be placed on the stack. Every time each effect resolved the game then looked to see if someone had a life total of zero. After about 15 seconds of silence the player understood he would be at 0 first and loose the game. Even though still on the stack there were more effects that would bring his opponent down to 0.

Round #6

Start: 5:03pm

2 matches decided that they were safe in taking the intentional draws. One last judgement had to be made in this round. It was explained that Story Circle will be able to prevent damage from a creature of the chosen colour, even though the creature was untargetable.


Due to the recent reports about players making agreements, organizing cards the following measures were applied. The finalist were announced and seated at the draft table immediatedly. It was further explained that cards to be drafted had to be held close, also any shuffling of the pack had to be face down and then remain that way until passed off. Below is how the finals panned out.

At 10:40 pm the final game concluded the finalists shook hands and the last prizes handed out. My thanks to the players and staff. I hope to see most of you in Chicago.

Chris Page

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