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GP-San Diego Trial-Pittsburgh, PA

Stephen Kuhn

GP San Diego Trial
Sunday, October 17th
Parkway Center Inn
Pittsburgh, PA

The Trial ran along side a Pro Tour Qualifier for Chicago. We waited well into the 3rd round of the PTQ to begin the Trial. The PTQ only had 63 players, which is a rather low turnout for Pittsburgh, but this was also during PT-London. We also had a few minor problems, such as posting the wrong directions on the Professional Events Services website (This is the first event to be held at the Parkway Center Inn). In defense of PES...the directions were given to them wrong by staff at the hotel, and they got lost themselves following the directions! Again, everyone apologizes to players and judges that couldn't find us.

The Trial itself was also quite small. We had 16 players when Deck Registration began, and I allowed 2 more to join in about 10 minutes into Registration, so this gave us a total of 18 players. The format was Mecadian Masques sealed deck with a 5 basic land swap. Deck Registration, Swap, and Construction went rather smoothly.

We were playing 5 rounds of swiss, Rules Enforcement Level 3, then prizes would be given out based on standings at the end of the 5th round. The prizes were given to the top 8. First place received a 3 round bye to GP-San Diego. First and Second took home a box of Masques, Third and Fourth each took home one half box, and Fifth through Eighth each took home one quarter box.

During a deck check in round 3, I gave out one warning and game loss for failing to de-sideboard. I also made a few rulings that were simply due to lack of player experience with Masques, but as the event went on they became less and less frequent.

The event ran quite smoothly and finished promptly with 3 of the 5 rounds finishing 10 minutes before the 50 minute time limit was up. There were only 2 duels that went into the extra 5 turns.

Congratulations to Darth May, our local Level III judge, who decided to play in the event and went on to win. Thanks to Mike Guptil and Professional Events Services for the opportunity to head judge a GP Trial, and for running an excellent PTQ as always. It is always a pleasure to work with you guys.

Next stop...Pennsylvania State Championship weekend.

Stephen Kuhn

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