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Mercadian Masques Prerelease Tournament - Providence RI

(Day 2)

Matt Villamaino

9/26, 1999
Your Move Games, Providence RI
107 Players
Judging Staff - Me (Head Judge), Rob Dougherty (also TO), Mark White, & Helen Dunsmoir (Admin)

The Providence prerelease was an interesting experience. From a player's point of view, the event ran smoothly, but we had a few issues that made the judging staff's life a little difficult.

Midway through day one of the prerelease Rob came over to talk to me about the staff (or lack thereof) for the next day. While we had a good size staff for day one, three people couldn't make it again for day 2. Fortunately, I was able to find a judge who had been planning on playing and convinced him to judge instead. The other thing that complicated the staffing issue was that Rob had to run the store in addition to judging. This meant we had a really small, though well-trained, staff for day two.

We managed to get everyone seated for announcements promptly at the starting time. Because of problems with people leaving their trash around on day one, Rob and I came up with a policy to stop this for day 2. Anyone caught leaving their trash around would be issued a single warning and game loss. No matter what tournament you were in at the time. Main event or side event. Don't ask what happens for second offenses. Needless to say I didn't have to pick up much trash after the event.

The biggest problem of the day came when Helen (our scorekeeper) had to leave early because she wasn't feeling well. This made a small staff even smaller. We needed to have one person at the judging table, one doing side events, and one roaming around answering questions. Looking around I saw one of the Your Move Games employees who had just dropped from the main event. Dan, buddy, pal, please help us! Thankfully he was able to take over watching the judges station and taking sign ups for side tournaments, while I took over the scorekeeper position (in addition to head judging).

Rulings were relatively simple. Here are some of the notable ones. Some of these may have been made on day 1, the weekend kind of melted together and I can't remember which rulings were made which day.

- Player A cast Charmed Griffin (lets your opponent put an artifact or enchantment into play). Player B wanted to put an enchant creature on his Deadly Insect. Player A said he shouldn't be able to do that since the Deadly Insect was untargetable. I told him putting the enchantment into play didn't target the Deadly Insect, therefore he could do it.

- There were several questions regarding creatures abilities that trigger when they are blocked and the blocking creature has protection from that creature's color. For example, a Nightwind Glider (2/1, flying, protection from black) blocks a Quagmire Lamprey (1/1, Whenever Quagmire Lamprey becomes blocked by a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature). The Glider will get the -1/-1 counter because the Lamprey's ability is not targeted.

- A few questions regarding trap runner trap runner came up. Most of them involved a tramping creature being blocked by its ability. In this case all the trample damage is assigned to the defending player. My favorite question with trap runner was "Does this work on unblockable creatures?" Out of habit I read the card text aloud to remind myself of what the card was. Guess that answers our question :-)

- During Helen's lunch break I was watching the judge's station for her. Of course, a situation comes up that I have to rule on. The situation was that Player C cast Cho-Manno's Blessing. Player D cast Misdirection on the Blessing. The question came to me in two parts. First, does Player C still get to choose what color the creature gets protection from? Yes, Misdirection only changes the target, not the controller. Second was when does Player C choose the color? Player D thought it had to be the same as when Player C played the spell. No, Player C chooses as the Blessing comes into play, which happens after he knows where Player D moved the Blessing to.

Near the end of the tournament, two players had a disagreement on reality. Player E claimed that Player F never announced using the ability of his Undertaker so he didn't know that he had returned his Ramosian Sky Marshall to his hand, therefore he used a creature elimination spell on a lesser creature, whereas he would have saved it if he knew the Marshall was in Player F's hand. I told them there was no way I could go back in the game to find out what actually happened. However, there was a card in Player F's graveyard that made sense to be the payment of the Undertaker's ability. Therefore, I let the current game state stand.

We also had a small problem during one of the side drafts. Somehow, at the end of the draft one player had 46 cards and one player had 44 cards. The players knew which card was the extra one, so after double checking with Rob, I gave the extra card to the player with 44 cards and told them to continue as normal.

Until next time,

Matt Villamaino
DCI Level II Certified Judge

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