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London PTQ-Berlin, Germany

Lutz Hofmann

Saturday, August 28th 58 players met to decide who may fly to London. This tournament was Sealed with Urza's Saga tournament pack and one booster each of Urza's Legacy and Urza's Destiny.

They played well for six rounds of Swiss under the kind supervision of three judges with levels I, II and III. Rules enforcement came in at level IV. The top eight players participated in a Rochester draft.

It was the first time, that we used DCI Reporter 1.3. Its first task was to seat the players randomly for opening and noting the contents of the provided product. Its second task was to randomly seat them again for deck construction. This got some complaints as the first player at a table could choose which cards he wants to use for deck construction. In my opinion this is a minor problem as both players should arrive shortly one after the other at the table.

This procedure is a step up from just swapping around cards with all players seated as the players can be made to leave the room providing continued silence for the ones still recording.

During construction we tried on my suggestion to investigate misrecorded and receiving of misrecorded decklists. This resulted in a higher workload. I gave out a warning only to the misrecording player in the case that he confessed his errors. I had only one pair of players who both got a warning. All other instances (under ten) had only the confessing player warned.

It is this sloppyness in the easy tasks of a tournament that can throw a player off track. We had three players who did not note their name and DCI# on their decklists, two players were caught in a deckcheck not with the starting configuration of their decks, and result slips returned to the registration without the signature of a judge.

One player ended up with three warnings. I downgraded this as his first warning was for not recording lands during opening.

There was only one tough rules question:
Falter and a Plated Spider, can the affected spider block?
Yes, it can choose to have flying for blocking purposes.

And there was the player who attracted the attention of a wasp. He is allergic to them as well. I rounded up a player with a car to drive him to hospital and counted the current game and the match as a loss for the for the stung player and therefore as a match win for his opponent.

At midnight we left the premises and longed for sleep.

Lutz Hofmann

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