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Mercadian Masques Pre-Release-Tokyo, Japan

Taro Dornburg

First, I appoligize for the tardiness of this report. As it is my first such report, I also ask that you bear with me.

The tournament was held on Sept. 21 at Yoyogi in Tokyo and sponsored by Wyvern Hobby shop. There was at least one other prerelease on the day at the DCI center in Shibuya. Our prerelease was held in the venue in which I have judged at least 3 previous prereleases. The staff therefore were very professional and accustomed to the layout and handling of the room. Prereleases were also held on the 22nd (I was also in attendance that day).

We had 6 staff, and two judges including myself. Head judge was Ron Foster (Level 3). We were expecting 259 players, of which 204 eventually showed. At least 60 of these required new Mana member cards. Product was provided in Japanese, but we has English product available. Three participants chose to use English cards.

Doors opened at 9:30, and despite some slight delays due to registration card hicups, we were able to keep close to our original starting time schedule (within 20 minutes). This is due in great part to DCI Reporter.

Japanese Magic tends to be very well managed and there is a very minimum of cheating etc. that occurs. Most players were also well versed with the new rules and we had few questions. Of these the most memorable were shock troops and muzzle, and the timing of the tap runner. Lastly we had a misunderstanding about the reading of the white 2/2 creature who gains you life for damage done to it. (Sorry cant find the card name) The Japanese translation though correct could be understood, as it was by some, to imply a spirit link ability. This the head judge was able to correct. Two penalties were handed down to a pair of players (one each) who accidentally misplayed an ability on a card. This was handled amicably and no further incident occured.

Strong colours in the top eight were White (6 decks), with a total of 4 Story circles, and Red (Five decks).

Thanks to the abilities and experience of Ron Foster and the rest of the staff the event went very well.

Taro Dornburg
Level 1


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