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Standard Tournament in Rocky River, OH

David Harbarger

June 13, 1999

This event was a special event we hold ever 6 months for our regular players. We charge an entry fee of $2 and a box of Destiny boosters was the top prize. Today we had 18 players. Normally, we have 24 to 36 contestants. We had two level 1 judges and another individual to assist. But with only 18 players, one judge could have handled the play easily. We played 5 rounds of Swiss with a 4-person playoff. The two finalists decided to draw and split the box. Compendium is a retail store that sells mostly gaming cards, we run Magic, Star Wars, Star Trek events and will soon run sanctioned Pokemon and Young Jedi events as well.

The players ranged from 11 to 35 years old and had varied experience levels. There were many different decks played including suicide black, living death, speed green, sliver, merfolk, Sly, and blue control. The 2 finalists drew and both played speed green. Their decks were almost identical. Interestingly, one of our younger players (11) was undefeated in the Swiss rounds but lost in the first round of the playoffs. He was playing suicide black and I think he just choked in the finals. The pressure got to him. He is an excellent player and routinely beats much older opponents.

During the setup and prep for the tournament, there were a number of questions on the new 6E rules. No one is comfortable with the changes yet and the postings on the judges list were of great help. I had printed out all the main ones and downloaded all the information from WotC. I had a small folder made up with the changes, errata and explanation of the various new rules. We discussed a number of issues before play began, including the new creature damage rules.

During the matches we had only a few questions come up and those primarily dealt with new Classic rules. The time spent before play began was well worth it because it greatly reduced questions during the match. A couple of players got confused about the stack on a couple of occasions but were rational enough to just stop and ask me to sort out where each spell was and how they resolved. Rules questions were very minor and generally were easy calls related to the new rules. Probably the most common were trample by-passing protection and tapped creatures doing damage. For the most part these are very experienced players and even the younger players are easy to judge.

All in all it was a very enjoyable event and relatively easy to handle. The most important thing to note was the variety of decks that were played. I think Classic with Saga and Legacy had a lot to do with that. Destiny should further broaden the types of decks. It was really great to see so many creature decks and the variety of decks used. This is much better than everyone playing one type of deck...be it living death or big blue. This diversity is much better for the game. it bodes well for the future.

David R. Harbarger
Level 1 Judge
Owner, Compendium Collectibles

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