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Chicago PTQ-London, Ontario, Canada

Chris Page

Reported by: Chris Page (Level 2)
Date Reported: Sept. 19 1999
Type of event: PTQ for Chicago
Tournament Date: Sept. 19 1999
Location: London Ontario Canada

The format for this tournament was Urza's Block Constructed. It was 6 rounds of swiss, cutting to the top 8. There were 42 players that competed. The round by round descriptions below touch the highlights.


Round #1

Players: 42
Start Time: 11:12 am
First Match Result: 11:23 am

A player was issued a warning when it was discovered he had accidently looked at an extra card while drawing. The next call for a judge yielded an explanation of the Trample rules to both players. When time was called 2 matches were in progress. Both were able to determine a winner.


Round #2

Players: 42
Start Time: 12:16 pm
First Match Result: 12:29 pm

This round ran well with one instance for a ruling. It was ruled that Lurking Skirge does not trigger on creature cards that were discarded from an opponents hand.


Round #3

Players: 40
Start Time: 1:11 pm
First Match Result: 1:24 pm

It was a busy round as players started to accelerate their play. The first call was to explain the Legendary State Based Effect. The second hinged around full explanation of exact combat turn order. Last problem in the round was correct by an overlooking judge. A creature with Blanchwood Armor had been enchanted with his opponents Confiscate. The controller of the Confiscate had to be told that the creature still recieves the bonus from Blanchwood Armor, as his opponent still controlled the Blanchwood armor.


Round #4

Players: 40
Start Time: 2:10 pm
First Match Result: 2:21 pm

The second offical warning went out this round. The player had forgot to bury a Skittering Horror when he played his next creature. Then a well timed Rapid Decay took out both a Rancor and a Weatherseed Treefolk, causing the judge to walk through the Stack timing of such a play.


Round #5

Players: 40
Start Time: 3:18 pm
First Match Result: 3:27 pm

With no problems this was the round that broke many players. In total, 12 players would forcast their mathematical chance, and then drop from the tournament.


Round #6

Players: 28
Start Time: 4:03 pm
First Match Result: 4:26 pm

A player had to be corrected. They said that somehow they could, sacrifice 2 Yavimaya Elders, draw the 4 land, then draw 2 cards. Three matches took intentional draws.



The tournament Playoff tree below, captures the last 3 single elimination rounds of the top 8 players.

Started:     5:24            6:00                 7:15
              |                |                    |
              V                V                    V                                

Michael Croft (1)-\				
                   |----> Paul Johnson ----\
Paul Johnson (8)--/                         |
                                            |-> Boyd Heli ----\
Boyd Heli (4) ------\                       |                 |
                     |----> Boyd Heli -----/                  |
Trent A. Rogers (5)-/                                         |
                                                              |-- Boyd Heli
Peter Danforth (6)-\                                          |
                    |---> Cameron Miller --\                  |
Cameron Miller (3)-/                       |                  |
                                           |-> Cameron Miller-/
Alex Rennet (2)---\                        |
                   |----> Gab Tsang -------/
Gab Tsang (7)-----/

The only ruling to be clarified was, how Carpet of Flowers may add the amount of mana at the beginning of the pre-combat main phase. If this choice is not announced at that time it is understood that no mana will be added to the player's mana pool.

For side events there were 2 sanctioned eight-man booster drafts. Boyd and Cameron shook hands at 8:45 ending the tournament. Players kept a tidy area and the tournament as whole ran very smoothly.

Things I learned:

1. Don't mummble card names when doing deck list checks.

2. Posting the Standings after every round, allowing the players to check for acurracy, will assure correct pairings for next round.

3. Write down events as they occur, doing the tournament report later will be better and more complete.

Chris Page (Level 2)

P.S. I appologize to Boyd if have incorrectly spelled his last name.

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