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Classic in Nash, TX


Danny Young

Format: Type I (Classic)
Date: 9/11, 1999
Location: Power House Comics; Nash, TX
# of Rounds: Four 50 minute rounds of Swiss with Single elimination final four
K-Value: 20
Judge: Danny Young, Level 1

This was my very first sanctioned tournament to act at Head Judge. I was also the Tournament Organizer. Since this was my first sanctioned tourney I enlisted the invaluable assistance of Ray Couch, owner of Power House Comics. This also happened to be the first time I used the Reporter software and would have totally fouled it up without help from Carl Williams, the local computer Guru.

Twelve players participated in this event. All twelve needed to be signed up as DCI members because no other store in the area runs sanctioned tournaments and therefore the vast majority of local players are new to organized play.

I began the tournament by discussing the basic floor rules and in retrospect I should have spent a little more time on this. I made it perfectly clear from the outset that profanity would not be tolerated nor would excessive arguing with a judge.

Play during the tournament was courteous and respectful and I must commend all the participants for their good sportsman-like conduct. This was very refreshing in this age of rampant "smack-talking". The tournament ran very smoothly with no major rulings issues. No Warnings or Penalties were required.

The only thing slightly unusual was the fact that out of a 4 round, 12-player tournament; 2 matches ended in Draws. Because a match in the fourth round ended in a draw, the seventh ranked player actually moved into the finals and ended up with third place.

Out of the 12 players, 5 brought White Weenie decks, which made for long, drawn-out matches when they faced each other. It was virtually impossible to look at a table and not see White Knights, Soltari's and Empyrial Armors. A Blue/Green, Prodigal Sorcerer/Poison Counter Deck, ultimately won the tournament. Yes, you read that correctly, "Tims" and Marsh Vipers took the whole thing. The guy who played the deck actually went undefeated!

We have three more Type I tournaments scheduled for the rest of this year and will continue to run more, next year. For some reason, formats other than Type I have not caught on in this area. I am currently trying to encourage Type II and UBC competition and hopefully next year I will be able to run a variety of formats.

Danny Young
Level 1 Judge

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