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Standard-Taipei, Taiwan

Zhi Ren Wen

Date: 8/29, 1999
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Attendance: 159
Head Judge: Zhi Ren Wen, Level 2
Rounds: 7
Format: Standard Constructed
Side Events: Standard Constructed (8 players, single elimination)

This is my first judging report and was also my first time to be the head judge. We had 5 judges from level 1 to 2 in this event. Since there were almost old players in this event, we decided make it a level 4 tournament. This decision made some people being ejected later.

In each round, we had two tables(four players) to be deck-checked. Sometimes, we found players forgot to put basic lands on their deck list. Sorry, ejection because this is a level 4 tournament. This happened not only one time, even in top 8. We checked all list of top 8 players before they can begin to compete. We found that a player, who was first ranking in swiss standing with a sligh deck, only wrote 4 mountains in his list. What a pity, ejection.

Other things were very smooth. In one round, someone call me for a rule question. Situation is player A used Wasteland to destroy player B's Serra Sanctum. Player B taped SS for mana and put SS into graveyard and Capsize player A's some Artifact. Player A asked me that this is his turn, can he Tinker first before player B's Capsize. I asked them to back to Wasteland, and asked player B if do anything to responed this action, he tapped SS and put it into graveyard. I said this action assumed the Wasteland is already resolved, and priority is player A's now. Then they went on.

Every time when I am a judge, I feel more delight than I am a player.

Being a judge is my greatest happiness in MTG.

Zhi Ren Wen

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