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Chicago PTQ-Providence, RI

Matt Villamaino

9/11, 1999
Your Move Games, Providence RI
67 Players

Judging Staff - Nat Fairbanks (Head Judge), Rob Dougherty (also TO), Me, Marty Lund, & Helen Dunsmoir (Admin)

To take a break from my internship I decided to judge at a PTQ and see some people I haven't seen in awhile. I got there a little later than planned (my ride was late & we missed a couple turns). Anyway, on to the tournament...

After the first round was posted, a player came to complain that his name wasn't on the list. We double checked, and sure enough he wasn't in the computer. It turned out that one of the judges had misplaced his decklist on the table so we didn't enter him into the computer. Simple solution: enter him into the computer, give him the round 1 bye.

The swiss rounds breezed by, though a few interesting questions/situations came up.

o Player A cast Scent of Nightshade on Player B's Masticore. In response, player B used the Masticore to ping one of Player A's creatures. Player A put the Scent of Nightshade into his graveyard and then revealed the cards in his hand. Player B argued that the Scent was for zero because Player A put it into his graveyard before showing any cards. We told him that putting the Scent into the graveyard was an accepted shortcut and Player B could still reveal his cards.

o A question came up involving Worship and when it reduces the damage. If combat damage is put on the stack and Worship is destroyed before it resolves, will it protect the player? I told him no, the Worship needs to be in play when the damage resolves to keep the player alive.

o Another player asked concerning Scent of Brine when the cards are chosen and revealed - on announcement or resolution? I told him it was on resolution, because choices like that don't have to be made on announcement anymore.

o In one game, Player C had cast Treachery on Player D's Albino Troll. It was now the upkeep after the Troll had come under his control and his question was what would happen to the Albino Troll if he bounced the Treachery to his hand (using Temporal Adapt). I told him after the Treachery was returned to his hand, the Troll would return to Player B's control and he could not choose to sacrifice it because you can't sacrifice something you don't control.

o In another game, a Weatherseed Treefolk went to the graveyard and it's owner forgot to return it to his hand. A turn later when he realized this, he wanted to return it ho his hand then. We told him too much time had elapsed and the current game state would stand.

The Top 8 went really smoothly with nothing really interesting happening and I was able to leave around 8:30pm. Overall the day was a very productive one. I helped train the lower level judge and got a lot of useful experience by working with Nat. The only real problems of the day were not having a sound system, but between Nat and myself we were able to make our announcements heard. The other thing happens every time I work with Nat. Every time someone yelled "Matt" or "Nat," both of us would come running. :-)


Matt Villamaino
DCI Level II Certified Judge

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