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Urza's Block-Concord, CA

Vince Campanile

UBC Constructed format
08/28, 1999
Concord Calif. USA

The tournament was to start at 12:00, but due to a low turn out we started an hour late so that we could get 8 people in the tournament. With 8 people in the tournament, I decided on 4 rounds of swiss cutting down to a top 4. Once every one was entered into the DCI reporter software, I introduced myself, and informed the people that this was a 16k tournament, and that Rules enforcement level 1 was in effect. I then explained what that meant for those that were unfamiliar with the terminology. There were a few people for whom this was their first sanctioned tournament. Since this was REL 1 there were no deck checks, or deck registrations. I was the head judge, and only judge for this tournament.

Things went very smoothly, with no arguments over my rulings, until I overheard from one of the tables "Stone Rain your mountain". Whoops! Stone Rain is not in UBC. A quick check of his deck also revealed that he was short a few cards, as he only had 57 cards in his deck. I was very torn on what to do about this situation. On te one hand a serious offense had ben committed, but on the other hand this is one of the new players, and it is an REL 1 tournament. In the end I dq'd the player, and did NOT issue a warning, as it was very obvious to me that this was a newbie mistake. I believe that I made the correct decision in this matter. It's my understanding that REL 1 events are supposed to be more "fun" type of events, and learning

experieces for newwer players.

Things that worked. DCI Reporter!!! I would HIGHLY reccomend that to's/judges use this software. It makes the tasks of pairings, tiebreaks, and other administrative tasks MUCH easier, which then allows you to focus on the task of judging the event. It also makes submitting reults a trivial task if you have internet access.

Things I would do differently. Well, based on this experience, I would mak it VERY clear at the beginning what card sets are legal for a specific tournament. I am even contemplating deck lists so that I can review decks before the tournament to verify that they are ok. I mostly run REL 1 tournaments, so this I feel would be appropriate. For more stringent rules enforcement levels I would expect that the players would be responsible for their deck constructions.

All things considered, the tournament went very smoothly, and finfished in a remarkably short amount of time.

Vince Campanile

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