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Urza's Destiny Prerelease-Lexington, MA

Matt Villamaino

Matt Villamaino
Judging Report
Boston Urza's Destiny Prerelease - Day 1
May 29, 1999
Heritage Hall, Lexington MA (run by Your Move Games)
253 Players

Judging staff - Me (Head Judge), Rob, John 'O, Yavonne, Mike, and Helen

This report was to have been submitted a lot earlier. However, I got a job this summer at Wizards of the Coast GameCamp, so I didn't have access to my computer until now. Anyway, on with the report...

The Boston Urza's Destiny prerelease overall ran really well (with the exception of people screwing up my food orders all day). We ran into our first snag of the day when we discovered while setting up the computer, that we were missing the printer cable. Fortunately, on of the other judges worked nearby, so he was able to borrow one from the office. Potential disaster averted.

In the third round (I think) we came close to a major disaster. One of the other judges (who will remain unnamed) tripped over the power cord and cut the power to the computer. Oops. Very good feature of DCI Reporter 1.3 - autosave. We only had to re-enter a few results from that round. Potential disaster averted again.

At the end of one round, during the middle of the tournament we discovered that two sets of opponents had played the wrong opponent despite the fact that the names were on the match reporting forms. Following the penalty guidelines, I had both matches recorded as draws (as time had already been called for the round and they couldn't attempt to play in the time remaining) and issued warnings to all players involved. One player was extremely upset about this. I told him I was just following the penalty guidelines and if he had an issue with them, he should contact the DCI.

The only real snafu that we had came up midway through the second to last round. A person who claimed he was undefeated asked us why he was sitting at table 11. A check in the computer showed that he had lost in the second round. He claimed that he had beaten his second round opponent. We looked for his result slip from that round, and it showed that he had lost. I reminded him that it was each player's responsibility to check the amount of points they had on the pairing sheet (we had been announcing this at the start of the first three or four rounds). Without his opponent (who had left), there was no way we could verify what he said was true so the match result stood as it was.

There were no real complicated rules questions. The most commonly asked question was "Can a Plated Spider block a Treetop Ranger?" No. [now reversed] The other most commonly asked question was "Judge, how do I fill this [match reporting] form out?" The most interesting ruling had to do with Mask of Lawand Grace and a Shivan Hellkite. Player A put a Mask of Law and Grace on Player B's Shivan Hellkite and then insisted that because he had given a red creature protection from red, it would bury itself. I explained to Player A that a creature having protection from its own color does nothing to it (well, it can't damage itself or target itself with its own abilities). When he insisted that it buried itself, I reminded him of Minion of Leshrac from Ice Age.

After the main event was over we cleaned up and started setting everything up for day two (numbering tables, separating product, etc...) and managed to leave around 11:30. We stopped at the store to pick up extra product for the next day just in case we got more people than we expected and went home for the evening.

What we learned:
o Bring a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)
o Don't forget to make sure you have all the computer equipment necessary
o Be very clear on what your food order is :-)

Matt Villamaino
DCI Level II Certified Judge

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