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PTQ-London Gen Con

Darrell Wyatt

Attendance: 191
TO: Steve Port
Head Judge: Darrell Wyatt (me)
Rounds: 8
Format: Urza's Block Sealed

The day started early as my wife and I got up really early to drive from Madison to Milwaukee. We get there about 7:45 and find out that the Gen-Con computers are down. This is not good news as the tourney is scheduled to start at 8:00. As it happens, we start registration about 8:15 and tell people to come back at 10:00. We actually manage to start seating at 10:05. I've come to realize that most of the warnings that are given in tournaments, especially large ones, happen because of misrecorded decklists. Either the one you get is recorded wrong (was that Pendrell Drake or Paragrine Drake?) or you just don't know how to fill one out correctly. This was bad enough that two people were ejected for having decklists that were less than forty cards. Needless to say, they weren't happy. Usually, Steve and I can keep this down to a minimum, but there was a lot of noise in general and apparently not everyone was paying attention or couldn't hear us well enough to follow the directions. It was a large room with lots of things other than the PTQ going on.

Ruling of the day: "Yes, he can counter your creature spell and his Opals still activate." This only happened with one person, but it happened three times. Also, trying to explain why a Plated Spider can block a Treetop Ranger to someone is quite the task when they don't speak English very well.

The top eight draft starts around 9:45pm. Several people commented that I should just record a draft on a cassette tape and let it do all the work for me. It sounds like a good idea to me. Even with the top two playing for the money (both got invites, but 2nd got no money), we were out of there at 12:30am. Earlier than I thought we'd get out of there. Congratulations to Bob Albright and Brian Kowal for qualifying.

Over all, it was a smooth tournament with no major problems and lots of fun (it was Gen-Con). Thanks to Chris Boles for running the computers, Marcie Port and Teresa Wyatt (love ya!) for general help, especially the food runs, and all the volunteers for making it so I wasn't running around the room the whole day like a chicken it's head cut off (especially James Hamblin.)

Thanks for reading.

Darrell Wyatt
DCI Level III certified judge

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