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Classic Restricted-Minnesota

Craig Johnson

This is a tournament report for a tourney held July 24,1999, Apologies for the delay,but the arrival of a (hopefully) Furure Magic Player delayed any other business. A new baby will do things like that to you,I guess.

The Tournament was held at the Tri-City American Legion in New Brighton,MN. The tournament coordinator was Rick Howard (of Howie's House of Cards), and began promptly (for a MtG tournament) at 11:30.

The turnout was 17,and we ran 5 rounds of Swiss followed by a breakdown to a final 8,single elimination. The K-value was 16,due to deck registration and spot deck-checks. Further events will be run at a Higher K-value,if possible. The coordinator has had problems in the past acquiring the services of a lvl II judge in our area. I have agreed to (unofficially) be his main judge,whenever possible,so as to maintain a higher K-value for his players.

The format was Classic-restricted,which made for some interesting deck choices. Many of the players played "atypical" decks,but many of the current deck archetypes were present,as well.The colors of choice seemed to be B/G,in combination and mono-colored. Over all,it was a nice mix of Old Power and New Innovation.

The swiss portion run very smoothly,and only once did the round utilize the full 50 minutes. There were no warnings issued,and good sportsmanship was definitely the order of the tournament.There were 3 new additions to the tournament scene,and mana menberships were issued to the first-timers.

At the end of the Swiss,we took a 15 minute break to prepare for the single elimination rounds. The top 8 were quickly paired,and after a frantic round,the Final Four emerged:

David Guptil, playing Mono-speed green vs. Jason Hicks,playing "Straight-up Necro" and Eric Rozec, playing Green Weenie ,vs. Andrew Koewler,playing g/w/??? Masticore/'Geddon (by far the most interesting deck of the tourney).

David and Jason set to in quick fashion,with David's Rogue Elephants and Giant Growths being too much for even the speediest Necro start. After 2 quick beatings at the hands of some really angry Elephants, Jason accepted defeat and a share of 3rd/4th place.

David had to wait for his opponent,as Andrew's 'geddon deck seemed to be able to handle the onslaught of Eric's weenie horde. The match went to one game apiece,the match,and the finalist to be decided by the third game. After a quick start by Eric, Andrew seemed to be on the ropes,but he top-decked a Wrath of God to balance the scales. The next few turns were key to the match-Eric drew land after land,while Andrew drew Radiant's Dragoons on 3 successive turns to further balance the game. A Masticore hit the table soon after,and,with a hand full of cards, Andrew was able to claim victory.

The final match began after a short break,and was,unfortunately,almost anti-climactic. Andrew was never quite able to hold off David's Elves and Albino Trolls,and in 2 quick games,David Guptil claimed 1st place and a tournament victory.

The prize payout was in merchandise credit,broken down as follows:
1st place: $45
2nd place: $20
3rd/4th: $10
5-8: 2 boosters,player's choice

In addition,each player registered received a booster of his/her choice, just for playing. Overall,a highly enjoyable event, made so by both players and the organizer. I will not hesitate to judge for Mr. Howard again.

As this is my first (official) Tournament Report,any feedback you could provide would be most appreciated. As I said before,the event was without incident,and almost ran itself,quite frankly. Constuctive criticism would be welcomed,and you can send to: tracer03@sprynet.com

Craig L Johnson
lv II judge

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