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UZ Block Constructed-NY

John Roman

The tournament was held at The Strike Zone in Long Island City, NY. The format was Urza's Block Constructed. The turnout wasn't what I expected. Eight players came for the event. We've had 16 people for the last few Standard tournaments, but a lot of people were away on vacation and couldn't attend. Plus, I don't think the players were too fond of the format. They haven't played in a Block tournament before and were unsure of what type of deck to make.

Normally, I run four rounds of swiss with a final four. But, with so few participants, I decided to have just five rounds of swiss.

The participants were all experienced players so I didn't have to make many rulings. I had to caution a player because he kept tapping and untapping his land whenever he would play a spell. This caused his opponent great confusion because it was difficult to tell what lands were tapped at any one time. I made sure that he understood that when he removes his hands from his land after tapping them, they have to remain tapped with the mana in his mana pool.

I had to make one ruling. The active player had in play a Chimeric Staff and his opponent had a Claws of Gix in play. The active player played a Keldon Vandals. The opponent wanted to sac his Claws of Gix to itself in response to the casting of the Vandals forcing the Vandals to target the Staff. I ruled that this was a valid play.

I used DCI Reporter during this event. DCI Reporter makes running the tournament so much simpler than doing everything manually. I started using DCI Reporter a few tournaments ago and I can't believe how many headaches it has eliminated. I highly recommend that everyone use it when running a tournament.

Overall, this was a great tournament. The players were well behaved and didn't require much intervention.

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