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Standard-Victoria B.C.

Bill Krauss

This is my report on two single elimination Type 2 tournaments held Saturday, August 7 at Yellowjacket Comics in Victoria, BC, Canada. But first, I would like to talk about the DCI sanctioned tournament scene in Victoria, and how it is being revived.

Two years ago, Victoria was a great town for sanctioned Magic tournaments. Tournaments were being held every second week, with other events sometimes giving players up to 5 or 6 chances to play a month. But, unfortunately, this decayed over time. Two of the four stores closed, the other gaming stores held fewer and fewer sanctioned tournaments until we reached the situation where in 1999, only one or two tournaments had been held previous to June.

Yet Victoria has a strong Magic community. Players still met and played, most specifically at Yellowjacket Comics. They played and did well at qualifiers in Vancouver, often finishing in the top eight. They just weren't organized to hold sanctioned tournaments locally.

Thanks to the prod of losing certification (!), myself (level 1) and Dale Friesen (level 2) determined that if no one else would do it, we would step up as tournament organizers and try to run some events. The one big plus in doing it now, as opposed to a year ago, is the ease in getting sanctioning via fax/email. Local TO's always complained about the long wait in getting sanctioning via snail mail; we now hoped to show them how easy it would be to run events, and to show the players how much fun it would be to play in them.

The game plan was to start easy and introduce sanctioning to events and formats players were already used to. I held the first tournament on Tuesday, June 15, a single-elimination booster draft tournament. Players had already set up this date in advance to play booster draft for fun, so it was no problem to peg the sanctioning to it. Players enjoyed it, but wanted to play more sanctioned matches on one day. So the next tournament was a Swiss Type 2 on July 24th, run by Dale, where we barely scraped up enough to make the tournament minimum. So we decided to try something different, which leads me to my actual tournament report.

On Saturday, August 7, Dale and I held three Type 2 single elimination tournaments at Yellowjacket Comics. This was a format that had been held a few years ago (!) in Victoria that created a fun atmosphere that everyone enjoyed, so we decided to try it again here. The idea is quite simple--play in one tournament and win to go on for a chance at prizes or, if you lose, enter the next one and try again. The entry fee was $5 for the first tournament, and $2 for each tournament after that, so there was no financial hardship if you went 0-3 for the day. Dave Herder at Yellowjacket got the word out very well, so there was a good turnout for this fun format.

Dale Friesen ran the first tournament on his own, with 14 players. I felt safe playing in this one, figuring I'd lose and be able to help him with the next two tournaments. Sure enough, I lost on the last of three extra turns of the deciding game of a three game match to John Kilmer, eventual winner of the day's third tournament. This freed me up just in time to assist Dale and be the second judge for the second and third tournaments.

I was definitely needed. Within an hour's time, we now had three tournaments running simultaneously in the same room. As soon as we had two matches finished and ready to go in a bracket, we started them up, keeping track of the time for each match. This entailed a little bit of juggling, but with two of us, it was no problem. The players loved it, as there was no waiting for everyone else to finish.

There were no real judging problems for the day. There was one small bit of confusion in the second tournament where the players had forgotten to take into account an enchantment in play, but it had no real effect on the game. Most of the questions were about timing under 6th Edition rules, which everyone listened patiently to with no arguements at all. No matches timed out for the day, though three came down to the last of the three extra turns in the third game!

The eventual winner of the second tournament was Mike Thicke over Tiam Korki, blue playing blue in a match that took 45 minutes a game! The third tournament was won by John Kilmer over Keven Loo. In all, it was a fun day for both players and judges and, due to popular demand, a format that Dale and I will set up and run again in the near future. With luck, Victoria players are now back into the habit of playing DCI sanctioned tournaments.

Bill Krauss
Level 1
Victoria, BC, Canada

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