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Paradox Main Event

July 24, 1999 - Fargo, ND, USA

Kevin Johnson

Attendance: 21
Format: Standard (4 rounds of Swiss with final 8)
Tournament Organizer, Head Judge and Judging Staff: Me

We had 21 players at Paradox Comics-N-Cards playing 4 one hour rounds of Swiss with single elimination Final 8. This was a 20k tournament.

This was a major improvement over our attendance in recent months. There were two new Mana Memberships and a number of players new to us. There was a wide variety of deck types. All four rounds ran smoothly. The main questions of the day were about timing and "Is this in 6th Edition?". Players are still a little confused with the Classic Rules, but are becoming more comfortable with them every tournament.

Problems were few. A player had a Snow-Covered Island (Caution and replace) and another got a Caution for aiding another player. The most common problem was profanity/foul language. This has been becoming a bigger problem lately. Since we hold these events in Paradox Comics-N-Cards' store, there are usually children (and sometimes their parents) shopping and watching the tournament. Since we want their parents to let them come back, we needed to curb this behavior.

During the pre-tournament announcements, I explained the problem to the players. I told them we play in a public place and that profanity/foul language is considered Unsporting Conduct. It's also unnecessary to the game and needs to stop. First offense would be a Warning and the second offense would be a Double Warning and Ejection. I did issue three Warnings during the event, the very first one to the owner of the store! All in all, everyone was much better than they have been.

I am finding that if there is a problem at our tournaments, making announcements before and during the tournaments help greatly.

The Final Eight was untimed and ran smoothly also. All top four seeds were eliminated in the first round with three of them being from the same team. The semi-final match between Adam Smith and Joel Powell could only be described as "A very gentlemanly match". Both players were polite, played well and had fun. This is exactly the type of play that needs to be promoted in Magic tournament play. While trash talking can be amusing it often leaves one or both of the players with a bad feeling. Eventually Adam defeated Brad Krous in the finals. Death over Lackey Sligh.

The tournament took 6 hours and 50 minutes. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. This is something small, low K-value tournaments need to promote to get people to come back and hopefully, bring their friends.

Kevin Johnson (Level I)

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