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Limited Tournament - Oregon

May, 1999 - 26 Players

Jeff Moore

Format: Limited
Classic Tournament pack, Urza's Saga Booster, Urza's Legacy Booster
Used Classic rules.
Four rounds, Single Elim. Top 8

I started out the tournament with a half hour instructional period for the new, and better I may add, Classic rules. I read verbatim the Classic blurb that comes with the Tournament pack, sighting examples for each section. Interesting enough was the interest in a creatures damage dealing during combat and the many cards that can, and do change the way combat is played.

There seemed to most confusion about delayed effects, but for the most part there weren't any conflicts in regards to them.

The first round was uneventful. Those that had some advanced thought about the rules had a significant advantage. The card that seemed to most powerful during play was the Skull Catapult.

Players without this card in play had little chance against those that could keep it in play.

As heard in a game 'My 1/1 first striker blocks your Treefolk village, any effects,'No', now we go to damage dealing, my first strike damage is placed first then I have priority, since your creature doesn't have first strike, I sac the little dude to the Skull catapult and do two points of damage to your Village, any other for the stack?', other player 'uh, no'. 'the stack resolves, two points to your treetop village, then first strike damage, and your creature dies, without doing any damage!' This seemed to be the norm and not the exception.

The rounds continued, a few disagreements when players got ahead of there opponents in a turn and they had to 'backup'. Some players made a chart with a marker on it to signify which phase they were in.

There were a few seasoned players that do not like the Classic rules. They seemed to distract their opponents with complaints, especially when they were losing. For the most part, many agreed that the Classic rules are a much needed cog in the spiral towards only having certain deck types consistently win. Rather than modifying the cards one by one, modify the rules once.

Jeff Moore
"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
-Uncle Albert Einstein

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