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South Regionals

May, 1999

William Bosley

The tournament was scheduled to have started registration at 7:30 Am. I arrived at 7:00 and there were a few faces I recognized. The TO and Head Judge Mr. Ed Fox was nowhere to be seen. He arrived a little after 7:30 and we started getting people registered and signed in.

As is typical with Regionals there were over 300 people anxious to get started (actually 320). Unfortunately there were not enough people to process the players in a rapid fashion, so the players did not get finished paying for the tournament and signing up until almost 9:30.

The next problem was with the data entering. Since there was only 1 laptop with the software for the tournament, and the data entry person was not very proficient with the keyboard, the names were entered and the players had to then check their information before the pairings were done. The first round started about 10:50 (over an hour late) and we proceeded with the first round.

After the first round there was a problem in that the players were going up to the table to announce their results (but they were not together) and this made entering the results take longer. Round 2 did not start until after 1 Pm (over 90 minutes later). Needless to say there was quite a bit of frustration since there are 9 rounds of swiss for 320 people.

The problem with the multiple people coming up to report results got fixed somewhere between the first and second round, because, after the first round the pairings came faster.

I had a ruling where I gave a fellow a Warning for picking up a card during what would normally be the Draw Phase, but the player had Necropotence in play. I said that even though he was not in the draw phase (because he has no draw phase) and the card was never actually put into his hand. His intention when he picked up the card was to draw it (albeit mistakenly) so I treated the penalty as Drawing an extra card. The game had not progressed, so a game loss was not in order. He received a warning and continued play.

The problem I had was in giving him the correct penalty. I was not aware of the rules enforcement until I asked the Head Judge. I was not sure if the enforcement was 3, or 4. This delayed their game enough to warrant additional time prior to the 3 turn rule.

The next ruling I made was a situation where Player A had a Victimize in play and was going to sacrifice a creature to bring 2 creatures out of his graveyard. In response to playing the card, Player B was going to sacrifice his Mogg Fanatic to kill the creature that Player A was going to Sacrifice. I read the card and felt that because of the unusual wording of the template that the creatures to be returned to play are chosen during announcement, but the creature sacrificed is done during resolution. I said that because of this I thought that the Fanatic could kill Player A's creature and make Victimize fizzle. I said that I would like a second opinion on the spell because of the unusual wording on the spell. I consulted 2 other level 2 judges at the tournament and they both believed that the sacrifice was a cost of the spell and thus Player A's creature was not around when the Mogg Fanatic was trying to kill it and the Victimize was successful. The ruling made was in! favor of Player A.

Ten minutes later another Judge came over and told me that the D'Angelo's Rulings said that the sacrifice of the creature is done during the resolution step. My problem is that this ruling cost Player B the game, because the Victimize was used with Avalanche Rider and Anarchist multiple times to destroy Player B's land and win the game. The simple act of the fanatic would have stopped the cycle and probably won the game for Player B.

After the match we discussed the issue with Player B and told him the the ruling we made was incorrect, but that if he did not agree with a ruling he should have asked for a ruling with the Head Judge.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly as the crowd thinned out and even the Judges had a fun time.

What was Good:

The facilities were quite adequate in size, the banners that WOTC sent were really a nice touch. The judges were quite informative and the players (for the most part were very cooperative).

Judge support. Everyone that has worked for Ed Fox knows that he gives good support to the Judges.

Play Atmosphere: The players seemed to be pretty relaxed and having a good time (the point of the game)

Learning Environment: This was the first Regionals that I have Judged. The environment was (believe it or not) more friendly that the PTQ environment. I had a lot of contact with some of the senior Judges in the state and learned their philosophy on play and judging and whatnot.

My friend Dustin who actually did not get a Warning this tournament for Failure to Agree on Reality. Good Job Dustin.

My friend Tim that came into the 9th round with a 7-1 record (in 15th place) and decided to play anyway (well maybe next year Tim).

What could be improved:

The software for the tournament could be more friendly for users. A click on win loss or draw for each game of a match would be helpful. The ability to keep players that have previously played for your tournaments in the database so you do not have to type all of their info every time would help.

More than one computer so information could be entered by 2 people (or more) to cut down on time to enter data.

The hotel putting up a line where the players (and staff) can get something to eat. I have worked for Dream Wizards (in DC) and a lot of times the hotel will do this as a courtesy and the players pay $2-3 for sandwiches and a soda and some chips or something. The only thing around the hotel was a Jack In The Box and it was about half a mile away. It would have been nice to just go to an a' la cart service.

Thanks for Reading this Far

William S Bosley
Wichita Falls, Texas
Level II Judge

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