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London PTQ

Washington D.C. - 7/10, 1999

Chris Covington


Not too many problems. Most common problem was players just not reading their cards completely before writing them on the decklists.; Peregrine and Pendrell Drakes being switched, Weatherseed Elf and Treefolk being switched, and Braidwood Cup and Sextant switched.

Round 1:

Nothing spectacular, 101 players, 7 rounds. Only a couple of questions/problems this round. Surprisingly, no questions about the end of turn effects (aka, Waylay) other than one or two before play began. The round ended on time and the last match results were in 3 minutes afterwards.

Round 2:

Did not realize it was already 1:00pm when this round started, but oh well. It seems that the most confusion about the new 6E rules seems to be with the combat rules and when damage goes onto the stack. The regeneration and damage prevention shields have also come up a couple of times.

Here's an interesting one that was asked: An effect was going to do enough damage to a Wizard Mentor to kill it (I don't remember what it was exactly). This started a chain reaction to which I was called over afterwards during stack resolution. The stack looked like this first effect to last effect:

P1: Effect to do lethal damage to Wizard Mentor. P2: Activate Endoskeleton to save Wizard Mentor. P1: Activate Githu Slinger to kill P2's Fleeting Image. P2: Activate Wizard Mentor to return Fleeting Image to his hand. P1: Humble the Wizard Mentor.

Player 1 was asking why the Humble wouldn't stop the Wizard Mentor and Fleeting Image from returning to Player 2's hand. This is when I explained that removing the source of the effect won't remove the effect.

Round 3:

Pretty quiet still. Deck checks brought out a misrecorded deck.

Round 4:

Upon scanning through the decklists, another deck is found with only 33 cards in it. Seems the player forgot to record his UL and UD cards on it. (side note - It really sucks to have a room full of Magic players and inadequate air conditioning)

Round 5:

I don't remember much about this round other than a couple of questions about whether or not tapped blockers still deal damage or not.

Round 6:

I remember even less about this. It seems that as the day goes on, there are less and less questions.

Round 7:

Top 4 tables intentional draw.

Final 8:

Top 8 are seated, draft and build their decks. The biggest problem during this is keeping other people from helping the players build their decks.

Quarterfinals go by with just an asking of the current wording of Redeem and no other problems. Semifinals go on, and on due to protection from opponent's stuff cards, but no problems.

Finals finish at 11:00 exactly also with no problems.

A thanks to the Dream Wizards staff (notably Rob and Steve, who WERE the staff) and the players who attended.

Chris Covington
Level III - Maryland, US

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