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Urza's Destiny Prerelease - Dallas, TX

William Bosley

WOW, this was the best prerelease event I have ever attended. The tournament started a little late, but even with players switching decks, the event went VERY smoothly. Part of the reason is due to a veteran team of staff and a small (somewhat) turn out. We had expected 300 players and only 220 started 1st round.

I had no warnings, and most of the problems ocurred converting 6th edition to 5th edition for this tournament. Most of the rulings were either basic or how the Destiny template worked (like whether targets are chosen on announcement or resolution).

The tournament went 8 rounds of swiss with non finals and prizes were based upon standings after 8 rounds. This worked out very well except for the 2 people with 7-1 record with poor tie breaks, since first thru fourth got a box and 5-8 got half a box. And it ended at 8:10 PM. As Ed said "Put that on the net". Well here it is.

Additionally, there were lots of side events, I ran 1 sealed event and 4 booster drafts as well as acted as a floor Judge for half the tournament. I think that the reduction of K value for this event to 16 made it a lot friendlier. The winner was no real suprise, but the atmosphere was very different than the other tournaments I have Judged in Dallas.

I finally got to play around nine in a draft and got out of there by midnight.

What was good: The atmosphere was very friendly, staff and judges knew what they were doing, esp. the computer operator. The space for play was more than adequate (we expected over 300). The support for the staff was excellent(Edward bought us breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at Outback Steakhouse no less, plus free soda and breaks on singles and entry fees). BIG PLUS -- the main event ended at 8:10 PM, much before midnight(WOW).

Kudos goes to Ed Fox and the whole staff for running an excellent event. Also a kudos to David Williams (1st) and Dustin Towry (4th) for placing so well.

What could be improved:

1. There could have been an buffet served by the hotel (a la cart), so the players could graze at the hotel instead of having to go without or travel half a mile or more to eat.

2. WOTC should have sent more Tee Shirts for the staff. There were 3-4 floor judges that did not receive a staff shirt at the event because WOTC just plain didn't send enough.

That is what I have to report:

"Good gaming in Dallas"

William S. Bosley

Level II Judge

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