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Collector's Corner Mirage-Legacy-Legacy Booster Draft

April 12, 1999

Andrew Iwamasa

Judge: Andrew Iwamasa Level One (experience: two sealed/one constructed tourney each week for the past 8 months, prior to that one constructed each week with various sealed as sets came out. judged at legacy pre-release in Detroit)

With 8 of the players being regular players in my store and the other 4 being friends that have been playing for years, the tourney went very smoothly. We have found that adding a set like Mirage to a Legacy booster draft makes for Red and White being much stronger, so it balances out the typical Green/Black decks that were beginning to be the most popular at the drafts we run. (Last week we also found out that the Missionary from Weatherlight is so very large in this environment!!!) The biggest problem that we ran into during this event was keeping the players from passing at their own speed, which resulted in a pile up of cards at a few of the players that were not as familiar with the cards. Being a very low rules enforcement tourney I reminded the players that they should wait, and be sure to follow all of the rules. Of course that got a grumble here and there, but it was all in fun. Ah! I almost forgot, a very important note that I always forget about until it happens.... Must always have all players count their cards before they look at them so the judge can make sure that all players have only 15 cards. Have had quite a few with 16 cards. I know that this has been mentioned quite a lot, but, being a human being, I make mistakes too, and often forget about that silly thing. Hmmm....humorous anecdotes? Well, none really this time. Although someone did get killed by a Bouncing Beeble (which is a card that gets not a drop of love around here for some reason) <grin>. The only thing that we're trying to change for this style of tourney is to make sure we get 16 people. As of late we have been getting less and less people in for our events (with Arena taking the biggest dive in popularity to about 5 people joining per season). Hopefully we will be able to change that with better prize support from my own pocket and possibly more advertisement with other local businesses.

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