Round 7: Undefeateds Take Center Stage

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The letter T!he Ruel brothers are approaching legendary status with the impressive results they put up tournament after tournament. In fact, it almost seems like they take turns slicing through fields with careful precision. On Wednesday, Antoine managed to win all six matches, and he's looking to continue that streak here.
Werner Cloete was one of four undefeateds on Day One.

His opponent, Werner Cloete, is a member of the South African team found itself sitting in third place in the teams competition after Day One.

As they shuffled, they talked about how the draft had gone. Cloete seemed unhappy with the results, saying, "The first pack was good…but the second pack I got completely knackered. I thought I would get a lot more, because I was completely cutting off my colors. But nothing…"

Antoine grinned, evidently pretty happy with his own deck. "How does it feel to be 6-0?"

"Good…but it'd feel better to be 7-0. Still a very long way to go before you can celebrate, you know?"

"I like the feature match area though," Cloete continued.

"Yeah, me too, although the Japanese players said it wasn't very Japanese." Antoine paused and looked around. "Looks pretty Japanese to me, though."

Cloete frowned. "I actually hate the color combination I drafted."
"White-black?" asked Ruel.

He had to chuckle. "Not that bad."

Game 1

(Rows in blue are Antoine's turns.)

Turn #AttacksBlocksResultsALCL
3Veteran Armorer and Skyknight LegionnaireNoneCloete takes a quick four.2016
4Golgari Guildmage, Selesnya Evangel and a SaprolingNoneHe returns the favor.1616
4Veteran Armorer and Skyknight LegionnaireNoneFaith's Fetters on Scion of the Wild opens the way again. 2012
5Golgari Guildmage and a SaprolingNoneAntoine takes the three.1712
5Veteran Armorer and Skyknight LegionnaireCivic Wayfinder and a Saproling on the ArmorerArmorer and Wayfinder trade.1710
6Golgari GuildmageNoneAntoine takes two.1510
6Flame-kin Zealot, Veteran Armorer, Thundersong Trumpeter, and Skyknight LegionnaireSaprolings chump the Zealot and the Trumpeter.Flame-kin Zealot pumps the entire team and Cloete takes six from two unblocked creatures.154
9Greater Mossdog (Trumpeter locked down the Scarab)Ordruun Commando on the MossdogGaze of the Gorgon takes down the Commando. A Viashino Fangtail pings Cloete at end of turn.153
10Greater Mossdog (Trumpeter locked down the Scarab)NoneFangtail pings Cloete.122
10Skyknight Legionnaire and Sabertooth Alley Cat (paying for the ability)None (Trumpeter locked down Divebomber Griffin) Cloete can't find a way to stay alive.120

Despite an early Selesnya Evangel from Cloete, Antoine got in for a quick 10 damage in the early game and then forced through another six with Flame-kin Zealot. While Cloete had stabilized the red zone with a Divebomber Griffin, his life was still in danger due to a fresh Viashino Fangtail. His Grave-shell Scarab couldn't attack due to a Thundersong Trumpeter, and he was making tokens too slowly to put any pressure on the French player. Eventually he succumbed to the Fangtail plus a duo of evasion creatures.

Antoine Ruel 1, Werner Cloete 0

Game 2

(Ruel in blue.)

3Skyknight LegionnaireNoneCloete takes the two.2018
4Skyknight LegionnaireNoneCloete takes another two.2016
5Skyknight LegionnaireNoneAnd another two.2014
6Skyknight LegionnaireNoneYet another two.2012
7Skyknight Legionnaire, Nightguard Patrol, Boros Swiftblade, Viashino Slasher, Conclave EquenautGuardian of Vitu-Ghazi blocks the SwiftbladeRally the Righteous makes the team more than lethal.200

"Splash! Splash! You can do it!" chanted Cloete, hoping against hope that Ruel would morph his deck into something less consistent. Antoine smiled but wasn't falling for it.

Antoine is undefeated in his last 14 rounds on the Pro Tour.

Antoine was content to sit back, build up a ground force, and peck away with a Skyknight Legionnaire for the first few turns of the game. Cloete, on the other hand, stumbled on lands for a turn but had an early Fists of Ironwood (on Ruel's Viashino Slasher) and then a Nightguard Patrol that was able to hold down the fort. However, on turn seven, he tapped out to convoke out a Guardian of Vitu-Ghazi, and Ruel then attacked with everything. He nudged the Guardian in front of Boros Swiftblade, but Antoine targeted it with Rally the Righteous.

Cloete paused as reality sunk in. "Am I dead?"

Indeed he was.

Final Score
Antoine Ruel 2, Werner Cloete 0

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