2004 World Championships Feature

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The letter N!early 40 players chalked up perfect records in the first half of Thursday's MirrodinBlock Booster Draft. Heading the list was Ryo Ogura, Jonathan Sonne, Diego Ostrovich, and the all-too-familiar Gabriel Nassif.

Here's a complete rundown of the 3-0 players from Thursday's first draft. Listed below are decklists from a few of the prominent 3-0 players.

PlaceNamePointsOp-Match Win %PL-Game Win %Op-Game Win %
37Fior, Elton ™ [BRA]933.3385.7138.43
38Paquette, Aeo [CAN]933.3385.7138.43
29Finkel, Jon [USA]944.44100.0040.28
28Reeves, Neil [USA]944.44100.0045.83
35Rubin, Ben [USA]944.4475.0045.83
34Bevand, Manuel [FRA]944.4475.0046.03
30Einarsson, Guðbjörn [ISL]944.4485.7146.23
33Ruo Ji, Tan [SGP]944.4475.0046.30
32Chapela, Gustavo [MEX]944.4475.0046.36
6Twiefel, Torben ™ [USA]955.56100.0048.21
31Karjalainen, Pasi [FIN]944.4475.0048.61
24Zink, Sebastian ™ [DEU]955.5675.0050.46
15Rigby, Neil ™ [ENG]955.5685.7150.60
23Gins, Wim [BEL]955.5675.0050.99
14Ibamoto, Masami [JPN]955.5685.7151.79
22Chiera, Luca ™ [ITA]955.5675.0052.31
27Rietzl, Paul [USA]948.1575.0052.31
5Cirigliano, Matteo [ITA]955.56100.0052.38
12Sison, Nomer Conrad [PHL]955.5685.7152.38
13Lebedowicz, Osyp [USA]955.5685.7152.38
21Remie, Jeroen ™ [NLD]955.5675.0052.98
11Roux, Sebastien [FRA]955.5685.7153.77
9Dushkevitch, Artem ™ [RUS]955.5685.7154.17
10Tamblyn, Mitchell [USA]955.5685.7154.17
20Fior, Daniel ™ [VEN]955.5675.0054.17
36Dahl, Aleksander ™ [NOR]944.4466.6754.17
3Sonne, Jonathan [USA]966.6785.7154.23
19Alcaraz, Aniol ™ [ESP]955.5675.0054.76
8Kato, Eiho [JPN]955.5685.7155.56
18Nuijten, Julien ™ [NLD]955.5675.0056.55
26Teeradechsakul, Teerac [THA]948.1575.0056.94
7Cunningham, Jeff [CAN]955.5685.7157.14
25Berkowitz, Jordan [USA]955.5666.6757.14
17Cornelissen, Kamiel [NLD]955.5675.0057.34
16Gulinski, Sebastian ™ [POL]955.5675.0058.93
1Ogura, Ryo [JPN]966.6785.7162.10
2Nassif, Gabriel Lillia [FRA]966.6785.7162.10
4Ostrovich, Diego [ARG]966.6766.6763.16

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