Top 8 Draft: Complete Pack List

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6A1 6B1 6C1
Golgari Rotwurm Orzhov Euthanist Slaughterhouse Bouncer
Benevolent Ancestor Pillory of the Sleepless Sandstorm Eidolon
Vedalken Entrancer Silhana Starfletcher Minister of Impediments
Thundersong Trumpeter Pyromatics Steeling Stance
Gather Courage Orzhov Basilica Simic Growth Chamber
Sparkmage Apprentice Steamcore Weird Aquastrand Spider
Lurking Informant Petrahydrox Taste for Mayhem
Sewerdreg Benediction of Moons Simic Initiate
Smash Gigadrowse Vigean Hydropon
Dimir Signet Burning-Tree Bloodscale Nettling Curse
Brainspoil Cremate Beacon Hawk
Recollect Shattering Spree Patagia Viper
Darkblast Electrolyze Pain Magnification
Lightning Helix Starved Rusalka Squealing Devil
Gleancrawler Graven Dominator Psychic Possession
6A2 6B2 6C2
Ordruun Commando Wildsize Cytospawn Shambler
Golgari Rotwurm Ogre Savant Guardian of the Guildpact
Tidewater Minion Blind Hunter Simic Signet
Stinkweed Imp Orzhov Signet Seal of Fire
Sabertooth Alley Cat Steamcore Weird Slaughterhouse Bouncer
Gather Courage Withstand Minister of Impediments
Surge of Zeal Wee Dragonauts Simic Initiate
Sundering Vitae Runeboggle Vigean Hydropon
Caregiver Gruul Nodorog Nettling Curse
Selesnya Evangel Fencer's Magemark Beacon Hawk
Peel from Reality Poisonbelly Ogre Overrule
Dimir Machinations Primeval Light Azorius Aethermage
Nullmage Shepherd Exhumer Thrull Drekavac
Cleansing Beam Gruul Guildmage Indrik Stomphowler
Brightflame Abyssal Nocturnus Cytoplast Root-Kin
6A3 6B3 6C3
Ordruun Commando Train of Thought Aquastrand Spider
Nightguard Patrol Absolver Thrull Macabre Waltz
Vedalken Dismisser Scab-Clan Mauler Silkwing Scout
Clinging Darkness Gruul Turf Assault Zeppelid
Incite Hysteria Ostiary Thrull Carom
Centaur Safeguard Wildsize Radkos Signet
Necromantic Thirst Benediction of Moons Haazda Exonerator
Perplex Gigadrowse Overrule
Skyknight Legionnaire Burning-Tree Bloodscale Gobhobbler Rats
Peel from Reality Cremate Delirium Skeins
Sadistic Augermage Skarrgan Pit-Skulk Sporeback Troll
Congregation at Dawn Sinstriker's Will Palliation Accord
Flame-Kin Zealot Mortify Vigean Graftmage
Oathsworn Giant Primeval Light Blessing of the Nephilim
Hammerfist Giant Leyline of Singularity Lyzolda, the Blood Witch
6A4 6B4 6C4
War-Torch Goblin Shrieking Grotesque Rakdos Carnarium
Boros Fury-Shield Necromancer's Magemark Slaughterhouse Bouncer
Surveilling Sprite Gruul Scrapper Minister of Impediments
Dimir House Guard Gruul Turf Utopia Sprawl
Sabertooth Alley Cat Pillory of the Sleepless Freewind Equenaut
Bramble Elemental Torch Drake Azorius Signet
Goblin Fire Fiend Tin Street Hooligan Seal of Doom
Sundering Vitae Gigadrowse Vigean Hydropon
Leave No Trace Silhana Ledgewalker Beacon Hawk
Selesnya Signet Restless Bones Enemy of the Guildpact
Snapping Drake Petrahydrox Riot Spikes
Dark Heart of the Wood Vacuumelt Gnat Alley Creeper
Dowsing Shaman Caustic Rain Plaxcaster Frogling
Svogthos, the Restless Tomb Feral Animist Brace for Impact
Char Living Inferno Tidespout Tyrant
6A5 6B5 6C5
Mortipede Infiltrator's Magemark Demon's Jester
Dogpile Izzet Boilerworks Ocular Halo
Selesnya Sanctuary Withstand Aquastrand Spider
Wojek Siren Ostiary Thrull Freewind Equenaut
Terraformer Streetbreaker Wurm Azorius Chancery
Smash Gruul Scrapper Psychotic Fury
Golgari Brownscale Cry of Contrition Azorius First-Wing
Quickchange Tin Street Hooligan Writ of Passage
Dimir Signet Lionheart Maverick Vesper Ghoul
Fiery Conclusion Leap of Flame Coiling Oracle
Siege Wurm Train of Thought Taste for Mayhem
Peregrine Mask Belfry Spirit Stomp and Howl
Mausoleum Turnkey Cryptwailing Supply/Demand
Moldervine Cloak Ghostway Kindle the Carnage
Light of Sanction Drowned Rusalka Wakestone Gargoyle
6A6 6B6 6C6
Thundersong Trumpeter Blind Hunter Simic Signet
Vedalken Entrancer Orzhov Signet Seal of Fire
Golgari Rotwurm Steamcore Weird Slaughterhouse Bouncer
Incite Hysteria Withstand Minister of Impediments
Scatter the Seeds Douse in Gloom Utopia Sprawl
Infectious Host Silhana Starfletcher Freewind Equenaut
Rally the Righteous Poisonbelly Ogre Overrule
Elvish Skysweeper Leap of Flame Utvara Scalper
Snapping Drake Guardian's Magemark Plumes of Peace
Golgari Signet Silhana Ledgewalker Soulsworn Jury
Viashino Fangtail Mourning Thrull Vision Skeins
Seed Spark Vertigo Spawn Spell Snare
Halcyon Glaze Plagued Rusalka Hellhole Rats
Vigor Mortis Agent of Masks Slithering Shade
Doubling Season Bioplasm Demonfire
6A7 6B7 6C7
Sparkmage Apprentice Silhana Starfletcher Radkos Ickspitter
Fists of Ironwood Pyromatics Ogre Gatecrasher
Centaur Safeguard Orzhov Basilica Ocular Halo
Tidewater Minion Steamcore Weird Aurora Eidolon
Sadistic Augermage Shrieking Grotesque Rakdos Carnarium
Scatter the Seeds Castigate Simic Ragworm
Necromantic Thirst Fencer's Magemark Delirium Skeins
Perplex Wee Dragonauts Sporeback Troll
Dryad's Caress Skarrgan Pit-Skulk Valor Made Real
Faith's Fetters Lionheart Maverick Enigma Eidolon
Compulsive Research Burning-Tree Bloodscale Shielding Plax
Pollenbright Wings Daggerclaw Imp Azorius Herald
Glass Golem Gelectrode Plaxmanta
Duskmantle, House of Shadow Martyred Rusalka Vigean Intuition
Dream Leash Parallectric Feedback Isperia the Inscrutable
6A8 6B8 6C8
Surveilling Sprite Shrieking Grotesque Azorius Signet
Dimir House Guard Castigate Seal of Doom
Sabertooth Alley Cat Necromancer's Magemark Sandstorm Eidolon
Bramble Elemental Gruul Signet Minister of Impediments
Benevolent Ancestor Ghor-Clan Savage Steeling Stance
Vedalken Entrancer Ogre Savant Aquastrand Spider
Dimir Infiltrator Wild Cantor Coiling Oracle
Grayscaled Gharial Cremate Whiptail Moloch
Shred Memory Gruul Nodorog Thrive
Conclave Equenaut Petrahydrox Haazda Exonerator
Compulsive Research Benediction of Moons Overrule
Vindictive Mob Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind Squealing Devil
Halcyon Glaze Savage Twister Condemn
Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree Frazzle Magewright's Stone
Woebringer Demon Gruul War Plow War's Toll
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