Top 8 Introduction

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The letter F!ourteen rounds are in the books and eight tired competitors huddled around a table for one final draft to determine the winner of Grand Prix Hong Kong.

Last year's Rookie of the Year winner, Masashi Oiso went on a 12-1-1 tear to sit atop the standings when the Swiss rounds came to a close. For all the talk of the visiting pros at this Grand Prix, Oiso was only joined at the final draft by two other "name" players--Gabe Walls and Olivier Ruel.

The rest of the Top 8 were all seasoned veterans but they did not have the resume needed to get to this point--or so the story went on Saturday morning. Chuen Hwa Tan, Takuya Osawa, Steven Tan, Terry Soh and Chi-Chung Hwang had another story to write. They were hoping for more chapters--three more to be precise. That's how many wins it was going to take to hoist the trophy

The final draft is underway and the winner will be crowned soon--keep your browser here for all action and Top 8 profiles with guest contributors Nick Wong and Antonino DeRosa.

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