Round 9 Feature Match:

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The letter T!he modest Jens Thoren could not figure out why his match had been selected for coverage out of all the possible matches at their illustrious table, "I am guessing I got to him or we wouldn't have been featured."

Jens had opened his Invitational card in the second pack but took Shrapnel Blast instead. The Solemn Simulacrum made it no further than Jin Okamoto and Osamu did not know what Jens was referring to. Jens laughed at the opportunity to open his own card, "I think the fix was in so I would open myself."

Game 1

Osamu opened with a Longbow. Jens came back with a Scimitar. Osamu also had a Scimitar and a turn three Krark-Clan Grunt. Jens put out a Granite Shard. The Japanese player got in for two points and put down a fourth turn Razor Golem.

Jens looked perturbed. He had a fourth turn Oxidda Golem but could not attack. Fujita tossed the Scimitar to his Razor Golem and attacked vertically for four. He then also equipped the creature with a Viridian Longbow. On his own turn, Jens cast Echoing Truth and bounced the Golem. His Golem picked up a Scimitar and came charging in for four.

Osamu sent in an equipped Grunt and put out Clockwork Condor. When he went to equip the flier it was shot down with Electrostatic Bolt. Jens got in for four more and threatened to take control of the game with an Auriok Siege-Sled. Osamu had other plans however and put out a Megatog and slapped the Scimitar on it.

"One card?" asked Jens. He knew it was the Razor Golem. The life totals were ten to twelve in the Japanese player's favor. Jens did the math and it came out to, "Go."

Fujita cast Razor Golem and pondered his attack step. "Two cards?" It was his turn to ask questions and Jens confirmed his count. Fujita put out a Den Guard--his last card--and decided not to attack. He moved the Scimitar to his Razor Golem and passed the turn.

Jens activated Stalking Stones at the end of his opponent's turn and played Arcane Spyglass on his own. Osamu had a Silver Myr off the top and tried to figure out the ramifications of an additional artifact. He moved the Scimitar to his Den-Guard and sent in his Tog, Den-Guard and Razor Golem.

Jens double blocked the Tog with Siege-Sled and Stalking Stones. The Tog ate the Silver Myr and the Scimitar. When Osamu stacked damage, Jens drew a card with the Stalking Stones via the Spyglass. Jens shot his opponent EOT and hoped for something in his next two cards.

He shrugged when nothing came and scooped up his board.

Fujita- 1 Thoren - 0

Game 2

Yesterday, Jens gave his opponent the opportunity to play first after a game loss and followed suit today allowing Fujita to kick things off. Osamu led off with a Scimitar and followed it with a Leonin Elder. Jens played a turn two Scimitar. Both players put out Krark-Clan Grunts on he following turns.

Osamu had a second Scimitar and swung for four damage with his Grunt. Jens attacked back with his equipped Grunt on his turn but had not other play.

Osamu moved a Scimitar onto his Elder and both of his creatures attacked for five points of damage. Jens swung back and played an Ogre Leadfoot to hold the ground. The Japanese player entwined a Barbed Lightning and killed it. He swung in for another five points and Jens quickly found himself at one.

Jens tried to stabilize with an Arcbound Bruiser and an animated Stalking Stones but he was at one and when Osamu showed him a freshly drawn Longbow the Swedish player conceded.

Final result: Osamu Fujita - 2 Jens Thoren - 0

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