Round 3 Feature Match:

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The letter T!hese two players know each other very well. They are both French, and have played a lot of Pro Tours and Grand Prix together.
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The game started as it often does in this format: Forest-go, Forest-go. Levy then used a Dimir Signet to play a turn three Moroii and a turn four Mortipede, showing all kinds of lands except Mountains. Hamon was forced to take a few hits, but could trade the insect for one of his own. However, his black-green-white deck couldn't provide an answer to the vampire in time, and he had to concede in turn seven.

1-0 Levy

Yann chose to play in Game 2, and again the players opened with a Forest on each side. They spent a few turns building their armies. Hamon's Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree made this a little easier for him, but he had to limit its use, as his Golgari Guildmage was very hungry for mana. Levy got a little damage in with the only flyer on the table, Snapping Drake, while Hamon used the Guildmage to force a Shambling Shell through once in a while. Levy proved to be quite a token-master himself, as Fists of Ironwood on Bramble Elemental provided a burst of saprolings - much need chump blockers on the ground. When he got his Cerulean Sphinx into play, the game quickly ended.

Raphael Levy beat Yann Hamon, 2-0

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