Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

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The letter I!n this Quarter final Sam and John both express regret that they couldn't both be on the national team together, as they are probably the best known of the remaining players.

This match heavily favours John, Sam's deck is not set up at all against Tooth and Nail deck as he believes it can't beat Krark Clan Iron Works. Basically if John gets a Dark Steel Colossus into play, Sam has no spells which can remove it. Sam has very few ways with which to stop these cards get into play and it is very hard for him to race.

Darksteel Colossus

Both players play a few mana sources and a small battle ensues when an oxidize on Sam's Talisman of Progress gets mana leaked. Next turn Sam counters a Sylvan Scrying which would give John a full set of Urza's lands. Sam thinks for a while then almost taps out to cast Wrath of God, in order to just kill John's Vine Trellis. Sam's strategy this game has been to Limit Johns mana and this basically fails next turn as John draws the Uzra's power plant he need to get a full set. After two Solemn Simulacrum John hard casts Darksteel Colossus next turn and Sam dies shortly after.

John Ormerod leads 1-0

John starts with two Uzra's Towers leading to the inevitable bad 'Lord of the Rings' jokes. Basically Sam does almost nothing Whilst John has an unresisted Scrying for The full Uzra's set and then cast tooth and Nail with entwine for both of his Darksteel Colossus's. Sam dies next turn.

John Ormerod wins 2-0 and advances to the world's team. Sam is qualified already due to Pro tour points but the extra pro tour points from the national team would have been much appreciated in the pro tour player of the year race.

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