Live Coverage of 2004 English National Championship

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The letter J!ohn is noted English deck builder with a number of top-level decks to his and his team's name. Steve is the first English magic player as he was at Gencon when magic was first released. Both players have high place finishes in the past but nothing recent.

Game 1

Reap and Sow

Both players are running similar Tooth and nail decks. John's deck is mono green while Steve has a small splash of red for Pyroclasm and Fireball. Both players raced to assemble their Urza land sets. Steve was the first with a Reap and Sow to find the final piece, unfortunately John drew the third land and was able to Mindslaver Steve before he got a chance to use his extra mana. Steve was then forced to Reap and Sow his own lands and kill his own Triskelion. John then cast a Reap and Sow of his own reducing Steve practically no mana. With Steve lacking two of the three Urza land and unable to search any more up John was able to cast Tooth and Nail into no resistance and two Darksteel Colossus end the game rapidly.

Both players added a few more Tooth and Nail targets for their dead cards.

Game 2

Steve got off to a weak start with a mulligan to six and then keeping a one land hand. John's hand wasn't too powerful but he quickly had a significant land advantage off two Solemn Simulacrums who started attack for four. When Steve did draw a land he looked to be making a comeback by quickly Sylvan Scrying and Reap and Sow for his Urza lands. However John had six mana to play a Mindslaver and Steve was unable to destroy it and instead he only made a Solemn Simulacrum. When John used the Mindslaver he found two Fireballs in Steve's hand and Steve was forced to Fireball himself to death.

John Ormerod 2-0

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