2013 World Magic Cup Qualifiers

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Note: This information is about the 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifiers. Information about the 2014 World Magic Cup Qualifiers will be announced by the middle of June. The 2014 WMCQs will be held August 16–17, August 30–31, and September 13–14.

If you dream of playing in the international World Magic Cup, you'll want to start here. Each selected country will run three World Magic Cup Qualifiers, with the winner of each earning an invitation to the World Magic Cup.

2013 World Magic Cup Qualifiers are invitation-only tournaments. These Premier Events will be held in countries that have been selected to have national teams compete at the 2013 World Magic Cup. The list of selected countries can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Each selected country will hold three 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifiers. Qualifiers will take place on April 6-7, April 20-21, and June 1-2, 2013. Each of the three World Magic Cup Qualifiers in each country will be held on separate weekends.

The winner of each World Magic Cup Qualifier will represent his or her country on the national team at the 2013 World Magic Cup on August 2-4, 2013 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

All participants in World Magic Cup Qualifiers earn a foil Vengevine promo card (while supplies last), and the Top 8 competitors receive an exclusive playmat.

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Promo card for participation (while supplies last).

Each country's 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifiers are open only to those qualified players who are citizens or have been residents of that country since January 1, 2013. If a player competes in a 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifier in one country, he or she may not compete in a 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifier (or be a member of a national team) of another country in 2013. Complete information can be found in the 2013 Magic: The Gathering Premier Invitation Policy .

A player who has already qualified and received an invitation to the 2013 World Magic Cup may not compete in further 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifiers. (Note: The top Professional Points player on each World Magic Cup national team will not be determined until May 20, 2013 following Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze in San Diego).

The invitation list for each country's 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifier will consist of the following players:

If you are planning to participate in an upcoming World Magic Cup Qualifier, your first step should be to verify that you are listed under the correct nationality. To do this, just go on the Planeswalker Point website and look up on the leaderboard by using the Nationality filter.

If your nationality needs to be corrected, please fill in an appeal immediately using the form here (You have to be logged into the Planeswalker Points site with your DCI number and password to access this form). Nationality-related appeals will be given high priority during the WMCQ season.

Here's a step-by-step way to verify that you are listed under the correct nationality:

1. Log into PlaneswalkerPoints.com
2. Click "Leaderboard"
3. Click "Yearly"
4. Change the Season Filter to "2012/04/02 – 2013/03/17"
5. Set the Nationality filter to the country you SHOULD be in. Click the "Filter" button.
6. If you have more than 0 points, and you can see your name in that country's standings with a ranking, you have the right Nationality. If not contact our Support team via the appeal form.

Each 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifier will be held according to the follow rules:

World Magic Cup Qualifiers



  • Swiss rounds will each be 50 minutes in length
  • Single-elimination playoff matches will have no time limit
  • Number of Swiss rounds based on attendance according to the following chart:

Attendance Swiss rounds Playoff
8 3 Rounds (Single-Elimination) None
9-16 5 Rounds Top 4
17 - 32 5 Rounds Top 8
33 - 64 6 Rounds Top 8
65 - 128 7 Rounds Top 8
129 - 226 8 Rounds Top 8
227 - 409 9 Rounds Top 8
410 or higher 10 Rounds Top 8


  • All players may participate in all Swiss rounds.
  • The top players after the final Swiss round will advance to the single-elimination playoff. The number of players that advanced to the playoff is based on the number of players in the event (see chart)


  • Playoff matches will be best 2 of 3
  • Playoff matches will be single-elimination
  • While there are no time limits in the playoff rounds, players are expected to play at a reasonable pace and finish their matches within 60 minutes
  • Where necessary, the standings after the Swiss rounds will still be used to determine final order in the standings.
  • For the first game of each match in the playoff, the player that finished higher in the Swiss rounds chooses either to play first or to play second. For subsequent games in each playoff match, the usual Play/Draw rule applies (loser of the previous game decides whether to play first in the next game).



  • Entry fee varies from location to location. Check with local organizer for specific information.


  • Each participant gets an alternate-art Vengevine promotional card while supplies last.
  • Top 8 playoff participants receive an exclusive World Magic Cup Qualifier Top 8 playmat.
  • The winner of each event will receive an invitation and airfare* to compete on their country's national team at the 2013 World Magic Cup.
  • Other prizes are determined by the organizer of each event. Contact the organizer for additional details.

Top 8 competitors earn this exclusive playmat.


  • Players who want more specific local tournament or registration information should call their local contact phone number.

Players who have general questions about the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, Wizards of the Coast LLC, the Wizards Play Network, or any Magic: The Gathering Organized Play program should contact Wizards of the Coast as follows:


2013 World Magic Cup Qualifier Country List

The following is a list of countries that will have national teams competing at the 2013 World Magic Cup and the minimum number Yearly Award Points needed to be qualified to compete in that country’s 2013 World Magic Cup Qualifiers.

Country Points Required
Argentina 300
Australia 300
Austria 300
Belarus 100
Belgium 300
Bolivia 100
Brazil 300
Bulgaria 100
Canada 500
Chile 200
China 300
Chinese Taipei 200
Colombia 100
Costa Rica 100
Croatia 100
Cyprus 100
Czech Republic 300
Denmark 200
Dominican Republic 100
Ecuador 100
El Salvador 100
England 300
Estonia 100
Finland 200
France 500
Germany 500
Greece 300
Guatemala 100
Hong Kong 200
Hungary 200
Iceland 100
Indonesia 100
Ireland 100
Israel 100
Italy 500
Japan 500
Latvia 100
Lithuania 100
Luxembourg 100
Macedonia 100
Malaysia 200
Mexico 300
Netherlands 300
New Zealand 200
Northern Ireland 100
Norway 200
Panama 100
Peru 100
Philippines 300
Poland 300
Portugal 300
Puerto Rico 100
Romania 100
Russian Federation 300
Scotland 100
Serbia 100
Singapore 200
Slovak Republic 200
Slovenia 100
South Africa 200
South Korea 200
Spain 500
Sweden 300
Switzerland 200
Thailand 200
Turkey 100
Ukraine 200
United States 500
Uruguay 100
Venezuela 100
Wales 100

* Travel

The players eligible to receive a travel award will receive instructions from Wizards of the Coast regarding whom they must contact and the deadline by which they must arrange their travel awards. Wizards of the Coast will not refund travel made outside this service. Wizards of the Coast reserves the right to award a cash equivalent award in lieu of any travel award in its sole discretion.

All travel itineraries must be from the international airport nearest the player's home and to the host city of the World Magic Cup, and must include all the dates of that event. No award will be substituted if member is unable to participate. All other expenses are the responsibility of the member and may include, without limitation, accommodations, ground transportation, taxes, itinerary change fees, passport and visa fees.

This award must be redeemed through member's arrangement of travel itinerary no later than (30) days before departure. Failure to complete travel arrangements as directed by Wizards of the Coast prior to this deadline will result in forfeiture of the award. Every member receiving a travel award must provide to Wizards of the Coast an executed liability release, the appropriate US taxation form (W9 or W8) (or have one on file), current contact information (https://webapp.wizards.com/login.aspx), proof of ID and passport (when required by international destination). In all cases, all such documentation must be provided to Wizards of the Coast, or previously on file, at least thirty (30) days before departure. Failure to timely provide such documentation will result in forfeiture of the award.

Players under the age of eighteen (18) at the time of the World Magic Cup will receive a cash equivalent award in lieu of expenses, paid air ticket, and/or hotel accommodations. Such player must still attend, compete, and be listed in the finish of the tournament or forfeit this award.

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