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Editorial: It’s a Mystery
By Steve Winter
D&D and mystery don’t mix—or do they?
Tales of Fantastic Mystery!
By Adam Dray
The presence of magic and monsters add unique difficulties to the mystery writer’s task, but they’re not insurmountable.
Crime Scenes
By David Noonan
Here’s a library of useful locations to spice up fantastical murder mysteries and bring the investigation to life.
The Inquisitive
By Tim Eagon
When crime is afoot, it’s time to hire an inquisitive. They’ll find the guilty party through skill, intuition, magic, and old-fashioned doggedness.
Urban Intrigue Themes
By Alexander Gersh
Adventurers born and bred in cities bring unique skills to a life of danger. We add the courtier, the spy, and the vigilante to your library of character themes.
The Improviser’s Cheat Sheet
By David Noonan
Players have a knack for asking surprising questions and toppling the DM’s best-laid plans. The improviser’s cheat sheet helps to smooth out those rough moments.
The Bold Folk of Baldur’s Gate
By Ed Greenwood
The highborn Patriars of Baldur’s Gate draw the most attention from newcomers to the city, but the shopkeepers, artisans, and dock hands of the Lower City conduct the bulk of the Gate’s business.
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