Dragon Issue #417

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This month, we're publishing the magazines as single PDFs containing the month's worth of articles and adventures. We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dragon 417.

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Editorial: Agents of Change
By Stan!
We’ve got a change in format, a chance for you to get published in future issues, and demons and devils everywhere.
History Check: The Blood War
By Sterling Hershey
The fiendish war between the baatezu and the tanar’ri has waged since time immemorial. How did it begin, and will it ever end?
Bazaar of the Bizarre: Magic Dice
By Alana Abbott
I guess you could say we’re on a roll.
History Check: That Shadow That Was
By Derek Guder
Orcus died, and then he came back — a fitting tale for the Demon Prince of Undeath.
Fallen Angels: The Ecology of the Succubus
By Steve Townshend
This fiendish temptress can turn the most faithful paladin into a slavering creature consumed by lust, all for the price of a soul.
Eye on the Realms: The Sword of Spells
By Ed Greenwood
Wizards across the Realms live in fear of a sentient sword that flies across the Realms unbidden, slaying spellcasters to slake its thirst for magic.
Eye on Eberron: Miron’s Tears
By Keith Baker
For centuries, Miron’s Tears has fought a secret war against the fiendish forces that strive to infiltrate and corrupt the Church of the Silver Flame. Do you have what it takes to join this devoted order?
Eye on Dark Sun: Ysrilla Lightstep
By Rodney Thompson
Ysrilla Lightstep stalks the desert wastes of Athas in search of elusive prey, defying death to claim her prize. The bounty hunter has perished more than once, but death only fuels her determination.
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