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Brass Dragon Codex
Dragon Codex
R.D. Henham

Mourning the loss of his parents, orphaned baby brass dragon Kyani ventures out into the desert to find something to eat, and finds a gnome named Hector instead. When he saves Hector from certain death by giant centipede, he thinks he’s found a friend for life.

Hector is not so sure he wants a chatty, hungry brass dragon following his every move. But with a group of Solamnic knights and a settlement of dwarves ready to go to blows over the marvelous invention Hector guards with his life -and a thief stalking that very device -he may need the help that only a fun-loving brass dragon can provide.

Item Details
Item Code: 239747200
Release Date: February 2009
Format: Trade Hardcover
Price: $9.95 C$x.xx
ISBN: 978-0-7869-2397-4
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