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Gen Con: Day 2
August 15-18

F eaturing game industry veterans, award-winning authors and artists, jaw-dropping costumes, thousands of events, a growing Family Fun Pavilion, and the newest games on the market, Gen Con truly is The Best Four Days in Gaming! This year, Gen Con takes place August 15-18 in Indianapolis, Indiana -- and is now underway!

In addition to the D&D gaming events taking place throughout the convention, we'd also like to highlight today's seminars:

D&D Digital: Past, Present, and Future

D&D’s digital future is brighter than ever and jam-packed with awesome new gaming offerings on multiple digital platforms. Find out what’s in store for D&D in the present and future.

When: Friday 2 – 4 PM

A Chat with R.A. Salvatore

Sit down and chat with New York Times bestselling author R.A. Salvatore to discuss Drizzt, the Forgotten Realms, past work, and The Sundering.

When: Friday 4 – 6 PM

Recap: A Night with Dungeons & Dragons

On Thursday night from 7 PM - 11 PM, Baldur's Gate opened its gates to travelers from across Faerûn for a one-of-a-kind event. Attendees were able to mingle with D&D designers, authors, and other industry luminaries while enjoying food, drinks, music, adventure and more (plus, receive a special give-away exclusive to this event, shown below):

Something Foul Afoot in Baldur's Gate: Amid preparation for Founders Day, a sinister plot unfolded. Those closest to Duke Adrian Abdel fell to the blade of assassination, and it was up to attendees to uncover the truth in a murder mystery puzzle created by the devious minds of Lone Shark Games. Those who helped solve the mystery and become champions of justice had a chance to win awesome D&D prizes, including the unique sword (its construction chronicled in Parts One, Two, and Three).

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For the complete list of D&D events, head over to our Gen Con 2013 page.

Also visit the official Gen Con site for more information.

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