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Magic Item Compendium: Clothing and Tools

M agic items are an integral part of the Dungeons & Dragons game experience. As long as D&D has been around, there have been +1 swords and potions of healing—they’re as inextricably linked with the game’s identity as 18th-level fighters and magic missile spells. Every fighter saves up for his first magic weapon, and no one who’s played a paladin hasn’t dreamed about what it would be like to wield a holy avenger.

Magic items also make up a crucial part of every D&D character’s array of abilities. A magic weapon can slice through a creature’s damage reduction, a ring of protection diverts otherwise deadly attacks, and a handy potion or scroll can tip the balance in a critical encounter. A character without magic items is like a wizard with only half her spells prepared or a fighter who hasn’t bothered to select all his feats—he’s simply incomplete.

So begins the introduction to the 3.5 Magic Item Compendium—collecting the most popular magic items in the D&D game and presents them in one easy-to-reference tome.

In today's excerpt, we consider a sampling of the book's clothing and tools.

A suit of armor is nice, but any adventurer whose list of garb begins and ends with “full plate armor” just isn’t giving himself a reasonable chance of success. From the humble ring of feather falling to the legendary vest of the archmagi, the roster of useful (even crucial) magic items worn on the body is vast.

Chapter 3 of the Magic Item Compendium includes nearly 400 magic items designed as clothing, jewelry, and the like. Some are fashionable, others crude, but all provide useful benefits that can contribute to your character’s survival.

Goggles of Foefinding

The lenses of these goggles continually fade back and forth between soot black and snow white.

Heartseeking Amulet

Light reflects from this tiny, dark, three-tined amulet like the full moon shining on a tranquil swamp.

(377 Kbs PDF)

As any veteran of adventure would tell you, sometimes even your best weapon isn’t enough to see you through the dangers lurking in dank swamps and dark dungeons. Any successful hero can undoubtedly point to the times when he reached into his backpack and pulled out the perfect tool for the unbelievable situation at hand.

Chapter 4 includes over 300 such magic items: wondrous devices meant to give you an edge at just the right time. Though these tools are not as ubiquitous as the armor or magic amulet you wear every day, or the weapon you swing every round, experienced adventurers recognize that a tool needn’t be useful in every encounter for it to be worth bringing along. Whether as mundanely functional as a bag of holding or as explosively exciting as a strand of lightning, the magic items in this category are an important part of your arsenal.

Map of Unseen Lands [Relic]

This rolled-up sheet of vellum is generally kept in a dark-colored scroll tube decorated with wagon wheel motifs.

Memento Magica

Carved into the shape of a dragon’s scale, this piece of amethyst swirls with foggy images of runes.

(318 Kbs PDF)
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