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Dungeons of Dread: Barrier Peaks
Dungeons of Dread Excerpts

"Welcome to Dungeons of Dread, the archival collection of adventure modules S1 through S4. All four of these scenarios are durable fan favorites that have stood the test of time, albeit for very different reasons…."

So begins Lawrence Schick's foreword to Dungeons of Dread, the S Series Classic Adventure Compilation. He goes on to introduce the third adventure in the series:

"Vegepygmies and robots. What more could you need to hear? Let’s go! S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks was Gary in full-on funhouse mode, having a high old time mixing elements of Jim Ward’s Gamma World with fantasy to create a rollicking and memorable AD&D adventure. Some remember Gary Gygax as the stern pontiff of AD&D, ruling on what was and wasn’t proper and decrying all heresy. What I remember is Gary the game designer, a mischievous man with a firm grasp on the Laws of Fun, who knew how to offset threat with humor, and who understood that players valued most what they worked hard to earn."

In today's preview, we look at the introduction to Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, including background information and important notes for the Dungeon Master, including on the spaceship itself and use of its colored security cards:

…it was learned that several unconfirmed reports have related that monsters have been disgorged from a gated cave at random intervals. The entrance to this place is high upon a rocky face, and sheathed in armor. This protection has purportedly frustrated all attempts to explore the space beyond the metal valve—although several search parties have entirely disappeared, so it is possible they entered but never returned. Your expedition must find out exactly what this cave is, what is causing the monsters to come forth, who is responsible, and how to prevent future incursions.

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