Title Series Brand Author Date
Avenger Avenger Blades of the Moonsea, Book 3 Audio Books Richard Baker 11/02/10
Blackstaff Blackstaff The Wizards Audio Books Steven E. Schend 07/01/06
Amber and Blood Amber and Blood The Dark Disciple, Volume III Audio Books Margaret Weis 11/01/08
Bound by Iron Bound by Iron The Inquisitives, Book I Audio Books Edward Bolme 05/08/07
Dark Sun Campaign Setting Dark Sun Campaign Setting D&D Supplement Dark Sun Richard Baker, Robert J. Schwalb, Rodney Thompson 08/17/10
Crimson Legion, The Crimson Legion, The The Prism Pentad, Book II Dark Sun Troy Denning 11/01/08
Obsidian Oracle, The Obsidian Oracle, The The Prism Pentad, Book IV Dark Sun Troy Denning 04/01/09
Marauders of the Dune Sea Marauders of the Dune Sea D&D Adventure Dark Sun Bruce Cordell 08/17/10
Dark Sun Creature Catalog Dark Sun Creature Catalog D&D Rules Supplement Dark Sun Richard Baker and Bruce R. Cordell 08/17/10
Amber Enchantress, The Amber Enchantress, The The Prism Pentad, Book III Dark Sun Troy Denning 01/01/09
Cerulean Storm, The Cerulean Storm, The The Prism Pentad, Book V Dark Sun Troy Denning 09/07/09
Under the Crimson Sun Under the Crimson Sun The Abyssal Plague Dark Sun Keith R.A. DeCandido 06/07/11
Verdant Passage, The Verdant Passage, The The Prism Pentad, Book I Dark Sun Troy Denning 09/01/08
Death Mark Death Mark The Dread of this Desolation Dark Sun Robert J. Schwalb 12/06/11
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Video Game D&D Overhaul Games/Atari 04/17/14
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Video Game D&D Overhaul Games/Atari 08/30/13
D&D: Arena of War D&D: Arena of War iOS, Android D&D DeNA 05/23/13
D&D: Chronicles of Mystara D&D: Chronicles of Mystara (no category) D&D Capcom 03/22/13
The Complete Fighter's Handbook The Complete Fighter's Handbook 2nd Edition PDF D&D Edited by Aaron Allston 03/05/13
Heroes of Neverwinter Heroes of Neverwinter (no category) D&D Atari/Liquid 08/21/11
Conquest of Nerath Conquest of Nerath Board Game D&D Richard Baker, Mons Johnson, and Peter Lee 06/21/11
Neverwinter Fortune Cards Neverwinter Fortune Cards Dungeons & Dragons Fortune Cards D&D RPG Staff 07/19/11
Dungeons & Dragons Online Dungeons & Dragons Online (no category) D&D Turbine 08/21/10
Shattered Keeps Shattered Keeps Map Pack D&D RPG Staff 12/18/12
Dungeon Command Dungeon Command (no category) D&D Wizards RPG Team 07/17/12
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